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Gurov-Independance Terrorists Seized

Kelonian States
24-05-2004, 02:36
Kelonia's newly-formed counter-terrorism unit, the Kelonian Anti-Terror Organisation (KATO) got it's first outing today, capturing members of of the Gurov Independance Organization terrorist group. The group, who for many years have been campaigning for independance in the troubled Gurov province, run by Governor Vladmir Sorokin, had a large cell located in a house in the remote town of Cac, north of the provincial capital Nabresk-Gurova which was raided in the early hours of this morning.

Nine terrorist suspects were arrested, with one being taken to hospital with a minor gunshot wound before being taken to a secure facility following treatment. One of the soldiers who took part in the raid, who chose only to be identified as Serzhant Maksim, said the operation was swift and precise, barring one incident where a suspect went for what apparently was a weapon, and was shot non-lethally in the shoulder.

The serzhant also praised the new KR-59/A rifle the unit had been issued with, though he expressed concern over the size of Kelonia's first internally-developed rifle to be adopted by a military organization;
"The rifle... it is a little large - While serving in Valor we used to use German MP5's, which were a lot smaller than this, or sometimes the Belgian-made P90, but these weapons are nearly twice the size of those, and it has an effect on movement... I think we'll get used to them, but we haven't done so yet, unfortunately. Hopefully further training will help. It is good to see we are finally getting Kelonian-made equipment - It is about time we developed firearms for ourselves."

This success will be a boost to the proponents of KATO, a replacement for the counterterrorism group of the Valor Quin Bahil, as well as being a blow to Gurov Independance fighters who are continually active in the province.
A full report on the operation and the arrests stemming from it will be availible as soon as the government authorizes a statement...