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Daylam begins large-scale genetics project

24-05-2004, 00:45
The Daylami government has released an initial report for the beginning of a new, top-secret, and extremely large genetics project. The location, purpose, and scope of the project is being kept very vague. So far, all the qaghan will say is that is will be undertaken in the province of Uzbek Daylam, will be focused on military undertakings, and will be very large. All of Daylam's top scientists are to be on the project.

An insider has dropped us a rumor that the project is to be held in Samarkand, capital of the Turkic People's Qaghanate of Daylam. He couldn't reveal too much, but from what we could figure out, the project had two main focuses: biological weaponry and cloning. Whether humans would be involved in either of these operations is unknown

Your news, FAST, this is ODNN, signing off.

OOC: Im going to be keeping the details of this project secret until the opportune moment to reveal it, namely, if we get into another, large, war after the conclusion of the Eastern Turk War.
24-05-2004, 01:02