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The USSF founds new region.

24-05-2004, 00:14
5/23 - The United Socialist States of Nefashu announced today that they are no longer a part of South East Asia and would prefer to rule their own region of the world. This new region is called Mercadia. The capital of Nefashu was also renamed Mercadia and is located at the base of the tallest mountain in the region. This is regarded by outsiders as a bid for more power by their national leader, Geth. Geth responded at a local press release that he simply thinks that South East Asia is far too crowded and needs room for his own nation to expand. He also announced that that he is looking for other nations to join his and form a union of Socialist States and become a powerful political force. Onlookers in politics say this is too much too soon but Geth remains positive and is working very hard. The USSF also requested admittance to the United Nations and is looking to make a great impact on how events there occur.