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New Confederation President Elected: New International View

23-05-2004, 23:39
Transmission emitting from Anagonian News Network

A new President of the Anagonian Confederation was elected today after many years of change. All Seven Member Republic Leaders came to the frist Confederation Council Meeting with the new President of the Confederation, and after a five hour session the new Confederation President Torus Drakomis a Session was held with a Reporter from this network. Here is what was said.

ANN Reporter: Thank you Mr. Confederation President for allowing the Anagonian News Network interview you.
Confed President: No problem, I usually watch it anyway for its good reporting methods without including any true bias.
ANN Reporter: Thank you again, I'm sure the ANN Founder will be happy about that. Now, if its alright with you Mr. President I'd like to start with a few questions.
Confed President: Be my quest.

ANN Reporter: For the first question I'm sure everyone out there wants to know is what will become of the World Views that the Confederation holds.

Confed President: Well, ever sense the decline in Foreign Policy by the previous Confed Head Administration, I'd started to research and plan just incase I would be chosen to have a chance in the Head Seat. Changed a lot, in fact, so much so that everyone outside the Confederation is seen as Neutral so long as no hostile intent is set forth.

Another thing that is important is the way the Seven Member-States Leadership is connected with the Confederation, and as you know this is what actually caused a big backfire in the system. Anyway, noticing this after I was selected to be a Canidate for Confederation President, I again researched what was required and found a lot that was...well...not seen important but should be seen as such. That, my friend, is fixed now as all things in the Confederation Constitution are now seen AS important are ARE included into the consideration of everything.

ANN Reporter: Alright, anything else?
Confed President: Not really, most of what was changed includes almost everything, meaning that it was not seen, again, as important and thrown out. I just placed it back in. As you know, the Constiution is held dear.

ANN Reporter: Well, there goes most of the questions.
::both have a short laugh::
ANN Reporter: Skipping to the...woah, last question? Hmmm...yep, well, to ask what is the War Policy of the Confederation is something that many are worried and wish to ask. What has taken place to enable peaceful co-existance with the outside world?

Confed President: The previous War Policy, literally and actually, just sucked tennis balls. Excuse my language, but everyone could say more instead of tennis balls about it. Yet, since seeing this I have indeed commenced a change there, too. First of which, and most important, was to consider everyone outside the Confederation Neutral, and everyone inside Ally. The Warmonging tactics of the last Confed Head Administration were idiotic, and that was changed for the Confederations safety quickly.

ANN Reporter: That seems to be all, and Thank you Mr. Confederation President for allowing the ANN to, again, have a interview with you. We hope to get better questions next time for a longer session.
Confed President: No problem, and, please, call me Torus.
ANN Reporter: Alright Torus, thanks once more.