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McQuaide Begins Recieving Bids

23-05-2004, 23:13

The Commonwealth of McQuaide has announced it is requesting bids on a variety of military weapons systems to outfit multiple Armored divisions. McQuaide is particularly interested in NATO-compliant technology, especially weapons systems that can be integrated into a total battlefield intelligence network such as the Land Warrior infantry system.

Initial Defense Ministry plans call for 3 front-line armored divisions, 3 mechanized army divisions, 3 combined-arms expeditionary brigades, and 3 Marine assault divisions.

The Commonwealth expects to pay handsomely for such technology, and in addition is willing to establish mutual defense and most favored nation agreements with contract winners.

The Commonwealth of McQuaide procurement process allows for initial bids to be submitted within 1 (real-time) week of the announcement, with a final decision to be made within 10 (real-time) days of the announcement.

Bids may be submitted directly in responce to this release, or through private wire to the McQuaide Defense Ministry. Links to national storefronts would suffice, although states providing immediate offers of discount and/or diplomatic support will recieve additional consideration in the selections process.