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Smithsilian Backs Down, Apology

23-05-2004, 22:29
OOC: Partly out of boredom with the Smithso-Jarridian Wars, partly because I want to be a useful part of the WWA, and also I figured thats its time to make positive steps in NS.


At this time, all Smithsilian Military Personnel are ordered to cease fire and drop their weapons. The invasion and bombing of Jarridian territory will cease as well.

Jarridia- Many years ago, we were once good friends. Then suddenly that all changed. My greed and anger for the state of Jasmine and city of Kiakor consumed me. I would do anything to try and get that back, and 4 times I failed. Why on earth you would let me stay in the WWA is beyond me, but I sincerely thank you. Even though I did and said harsh things to you, you still reacted with kindness when possible. Many times I have been out of line, and you responded with grace in order to end something that my stupidity hat begun. I wish to end our conflict. Being the two most powerful nations within the WWA, I feel we should act as friends. No more should our bickering get in the way of what could be positive for all our allies. Right here right now, we shall set aside our differences and make a pact to never again argue between our nations.

Xeraph, Verboten Luftewaffe, all other nations with claims in Smithsilian - Though I cannot ask you to leave without instigating another conflict, I wish to make a deal with you. In this thread you may also post your wishes of Smithsilian, and we will try and comply with them. We have caused many problems and for that our nation is filled with sorrow and mourning. Our nation has been torn apart for too long, our people thirst for easy passage from one place to another. We do not wish any alliance with you, just merely a cease fire, and a possible peace treaty.

Smithsilian has made its mistakes, and we shall pay for them.

Dictator Donald of Smithsilian
24-05-2004, 03:58
24-05-2004, 04:03

I am extremely pleased that you are willing to work with Jarridia, instead of fighting us. You're friendship will strengthen the WWA, and will give the ability for new endeavors. We thank you for your generous and kind words, but we have not always been so kind to you. There have been times when we responded harshly. Let us move forward in peace and be prosperous from this day forward. You are invited to reopen your embassy, and I, Jarrod, would appreciate a meeting with you in either Shelbin (Jarridia) or Classican (Smithsilian).

-President Jarrod Branam of Jarridia
24-05-2004, 04:13
We are glad to see you come around. We forgive you and we would like to make a peace treaty with you. We would like to exchange embassies with you.

King John II
Marechal of Imperial Guard
24-05-2004, 04:16
To: Government of Smithsilian

We are gratified to see that you wish to become a productive member of WWA and NS. We are prepared to offer you an embassy in our capitol of Xeraphia. As with the other nations represented here, we ask that you limit your contingent to 50 personnel. You are also permitted a helicopter for transport.
Let us forget what is past, and press on to a mutual exchange of ideas.

And let's have a beer or two when you get here.......


Alaric, King of Xeraph
Verboten Lufftewaffe
25-05-2004, 04:10
To the Leadership of Smithsillian:

I also wish to apologize for my words and previous actions...I also commend you for doing the right thing...i wish our two nations to become friends & allies if possible...In the years since the great war & my eventual occupation of 25% of Smithsillian...I have repaired & restored all the damage done to your country & in some cases improved on it...Because of your changes...I have hereby ordered my troops home...Alas some have made Smithsillian home & married some of the locals...I will not force them to leave...Henceforth Smithsillian will no longer be occupied by VL troops...

Built Maglev lines throughout the former VL OZ...Your former capitol which i used as a HQ has been restored to it's pre-war beauty...

I wish it possible to establish an embassy here. As i'm sure you would like to establish one in my Capitol.