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Imperial federation(new charter)

Dracun imperium
23-05-2004, 21:44
All members give A minimum 5,000 troops to the I.F.A. (imperial federation army)which will be deployed when nessecary(wars, peace-keeping mission, Protection)

No acts of agression can be taken place on anther member of the federation without expulsion or declaraton of war

All members promise to help ejother whether it be economic support, military, or political

All members must give a minimum of 1 billion per year to help fund our alliance and other procedures. Can be changed for nations who cannot support that amount

A-4 all members are particpants on the councils unless they decline the position

We welcome all types of goverments the only one(s) we do not allow are
racial nations


Councils-There are about 5 councils
b)foreign ministry
d)court council
e)technology council

Tribunal-The three head nation of the alliance. Have the power to veto anything that they deem unfit or unconstitutional(sp). Which then the movment is voted on by all councils and the winner(yes/no)is what we do

the tribunal nations are as follows
a)dracun imperium
c)red wales

suggestion or comment welcome