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A tour of Shangia National Park

23-05-2004, 21:24
Welcome to Shangia National Park. This is a tour of our nation's national park system.
All animals in our park are protected species.
On the left you will see a species of dinosaur drinking water at the local freshwater lake.

On the right, you'll see an allosaurus feeding on dead animal. Be very careful cause we can't outrun these things.

Careful, we don't want to get stomped on by this fellow!

Oh! Looky! One is hatching. :lol:

We now come to the beach on come upon a group of Camarasaurs.

In the trees and bushes you can see a live Centrosaurus. We once thought they were extinct until a cable contractor stumbled upon a herd of them.

This nasty creature likes to eat babies.

This fellow seems to be calling for help.

Here you have some duckbills just kicking back.

That's the end of today's tour. We'll be camping out right here next to the duckbills. Just find yourself a little tree branch to cozy up on.
23-05-2004, 21:29
OOC: Funny all those pics where in the old, Dinosaurs mags.

IC: may we send several tour partys including our royal familly?
23-05-2004, 21:36
What the hell? Hey! Oh shit!!!!!
Dont' move!!!! Damn stupid humans.
23-05-2004, 21:37
OOC: Funny all those pics where in the old, Dinosaurs mags.

IC: may we send several tour partys including our royal familly?Why yes you may. But you'll have to settle for guided tours or end up being dinner as that one human almost did in the last post.

OOC: found them on google. :lol:
23-05-2004, 21:40
We've been spotted. Run like hell!!
23-05-2004, 21:53
jumping into the water we got a good view a mososaurus.
better get out before we become fish food.

Here we have a map of Shangia national park.
23-05-2004, 22:18
Check out this friendly little fellow.

Look a dilophosaur.

Ah. dinner.

Just a local amphibian out for a swim. Note the boomerang shape of the head.

Now this is what I call a fish. Ichthyasaurus. Not that small fry stuff you humans like to eat.

This is why we never fly our planes too close to the water.

Looks like somebody's about to get jumped.

A couple of styracosaurs.

Even we shangians admit this animal is very weird looking.

A couple of troodons. Don't worry. They look carnivorous but they only eat eggs.

Look at these Utahraptors running around.

And that concludes our two day tour of Shangia National Park. Thank you for coming and please come again.
Small reminder that hunting for any reason other than to eat, is illegal in Shangia.
23-05-2004, 23:32
You should put a pic warning on this.