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Government of Republic of Lovana

23-05-2004, 17:36
1st government of Republic of Lovana was elected:

- Minister of Defence: James Preston-Grey
- Minister of Media: Theodore Edgwary
- Minister of Health: Catherine Hix
- Minister of Internal affairs: Paul Simmons
- Minister of Education and Sport: Theresa Porpington
- Minister of the Economy: John Masterman
- Minister of Foreign affairs: Colin Wilding
- Minister of Finances: George Andrew Hardman
- Minister of Environment and Energy: Kate Desmond
- Minister of Transport anf Infrastructure: Oliver Burton-Cox
- Minister of Justice: Harry Baxendale
- Minister of Social affairs: Hillary Ducros
- Minister of Science and Information Society: Neil Woranson
- Prime Minister: Tobias Garret

- Government general secretary: Mark Langridge
- Public relations: Emily Baxtrot

President is the same: Alexander Lewins-Twerett

((All names are imaginary - I´ve made them up. :)))
23-05-2004, 17:38
Official Statement of the Camewottian Government

Camewot sends his best regards to the new government of Lovana..