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23-05-2004, 17:25
I am looking for weapons. Anything from guns to nukes.
23-05-2004, 17:33
Too small to have nukes....
The deadly viper
23-05-2004, 17:42
I can sell you some guns

The Maulers machine guns fire enniolator rounds (bullets with small packs of explosive in their centre and a impact detonator cap) at 7 per second and are highly accurate with a laser scope and thermal lens option

The Destructor rocket launcher fires penetrator or enniolator rockets.
Penetrator rockets are anti tank weapons designed to pierce the heaviest armour and detonate inside the vehicle, this is made possible by the drill tip and microsecond proximity detonator.
The Enniolator rockets are vicious anti personnel weapons and work be detonating mid air and spewing out hundreds of mini grenades which detonate on impact.

The Exterminator sniper can fire assassinator or penetrator bullets
assassinator bullets are designed to punch through body armour and kill the person silently and efficiently they have a larger than normal propulsion charge which allows it to ignore body armour and a vial of fast acting incurable poison meaning that if someone is hit with one of these bullets they are as good as dead
The Penetrator rounds are smaller versions of the rockets but are just as capable at knocking medium armoured vehicles as them.
the sniper is extremely accurate and is equipped with a laser thermo vision
sniper scope and silencer

the mauler pistol can fire penetrator enniolator and assassinator bullets and
is very reliable

I hope you will post an order prices will be supplied if interest is shown
23-05-2004, 17:44
You do relise the coalition against you will stop you trading weapons. You only have enough to arm your police force...
The deadly viper
23-05-2004, 17:57
there is no stopping my secret suppliers and the underground resistance and holy frogs combined wiped my country of you lot any way
23-05-2004, 17:59
We've been telling you that you CANNOT fre yourself in one post! I think everyone else will agree with me on this...