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Kamatian Islands Open!

23-05-2004, 16:23
Off of the Kamata mainland, are several hundred large islands that are fit for regions.

We're inviting you, the nations of Nationstates, to join the Kamatian alliance. By joining the alliance, you will get use of the Kamata Delta Fortress when completed, and use of Kamata defensive forces if needed.

Kamatian Code of Conduct
a) No "WarChasing" Don't go after wars just because they're there. Let it hold up, and if you do go after one, RP nicely!

b) Activity Active members are good members!

c) Respect Be respective of not only alliance members, but other members too!

d) Age/Experience The Kamata Alliance is currently not accepting any "day-old" members. You must have been on NS for at least a month.

Welp, enjoy!