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United States of Air Combat: Downtown Bank Robbery

Air Combat
23-05-2004, 15:24
About 15 minutes ago 2 man wearing full body armor and dress in black entered a bank which holds a large amount of money. Police response was fast due to an officer in the area who saw the two men enter the bank.
Police surrounded the bank but nothing has been able to stop the robbers. Each man has an AK-47 and armor piercing bullets. No one can enter the bank due to hostages and the SWAT team is held in traffic.

Air Combat is requesting help from any nation that can help with this situation. Our government can do only very little because the National Guard has been placed through the country due to riots and the rest of the government is too busy handling National Surcurity threats.
23-05-2004, 15:33
We will send a Phoenix team. It's made up of 5 men with M-4A1s and M700 sniper rifles.
OOC: This is my verison of the SEALs.
Air Combat
23-05-2004, 15:47
Thank you for the support. Heres an update on the situation:

One of the robbers is still inside of the bank holding hostages. The other robber has left the building and is proceding towards a car with a hostage while firing at police. Two officers are severly injured and seven bystanders are also severly injured. We cannot move in to extract them because it is too dangerous. SWAT is 30 minutes out.
Air Combat
24-05-2004, 02:39
Second robber came out. He locked the hostages inside of a vault, SWAT is 20 minutes out and the Phoenix Team is on scean and are consulting with officers on what to do. The two gunmen have wonded 17 people. None are killed, only two have been extracted to hospitals, the rest of them are still on the ground and bleeding severly. Police cannot move in because they risk getting shot at. Robbers have moved into a car and are holding postion. One man shot at choppers as they passed over head.

Officer to Phoenix Team:
"Do you have any ideas?"

Phoenix Team:
(Brydog, please fill this in)