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Budget of the Empire

20-05-2004, 04:24
The Holy Empire of Canales has formally opened up its budget to outsiders.

Areas of spending:
Defense 25%
Welfare 25%
Law Enforcement 25%
Education 12%
Foreign Aid 12%
National Debt Relief 1%

Current Budget: $1,322,329,349,376

Defense Outlays: $330,582,337,300
Welfare: $ 330,582,337,300
Law Enforcement $330,582,337,300
Education $158,679,521,900
Foreign Aid $158,679,521,900
National Debt Relief $ 13,223,293,490

Total Foreign National Debt: $79,339,760,963
Minus Debt Payment $13,223,293,490
Net Foreign National Debt : $66,116,467,470

The Holy Empire will soon be handing out foreign aid and upgrading the armed forces.
This budget is released to the public on orders of the new Emperor.