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United Soviet Nations is openly rebelling!

United Soviet Nations
19-05-2004, 17:09

It was a rainy day in South Tibrask, Alamastrasta, the capital of the three Soviet Nations that made up the United Soviet Nations. 'Comrade' Alexrandriov Struffon of the National Workers Labour Union stood on the podium.

"Comrades. Too long have we stood under the opression of the Hogsweatian communists. All the other colonies are awake. Why must we stay slaves!!!"

The crowd cheered wildly.

"Now comrades, we begin the rebellion. The day every Tibraskian, Ankaran, Jiname (pronounced like anime) has wanted for years. To arms!!"
19-05-2004, 17:19
The fat governor sat in his palace, in Eastern Tibrask.

"Hmmm... so they are rebelling?"

"Yes Milord, looks so"

"Right. Mobilize the Tibrask garrison and crush them"

Two Regiments of Guards Infantry picked up their rifles and readied themselves for battle. They were supported by a squadron of armoured vehicles, T90C's.
United Soviet Nations
19-05-2004, 17:23
The troops were untrained, and their armament was not too powerful. They packed .22 Hunting Rifles, 12/20 Bores, and that sort of thing. They had fixed up a school bus, it now had shotguns poking out the windows.
19-05-2004, 17:29
The garrison approached Alamstrasta. They entered the city, It was like a ghost town. Everything deserted.