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Sturmschutzen's Government Overthrown

18-05-2004, 16:08
*The SNN logo appears at the bottom right of the screen with the young face of Ivan again appearing but in the background is a scence of total chaos and gunfire*

It appears that the Communist Government of Sturmschutzen is being overthrown. Right now the assaliants on the capital building behind me have made it known that they are German Nationals who are overthrowing the oppressive minority Russian rule of our nation. They decree that the German people have suffered enough and the Slavic people shall soon know justice. It would seem...

*The screen suddenly goes blank then static begins to appear then all of the sudden a new face appears on the screen a middle-aged male with grey hair and blue eyes with Germanic features*

I am Adolf Rommel the new Fuerher of the National Sociliastic party that is now in charge of the nation of Sturmschutzen. We have tired of the oppression of the German people from this filthy Slavic dogs the time has come. The time has come for a Revolution!!! That's right I demand that all Germans stand up and fight for their rights overthrow your governments you will gain all! We will support you with arms and munitions and promise our Facist bretheren a new generation of German Superiority!! We are now beginning a new campaign to rid our nation of the filthy Slavic People we will take whatever measures we can to get rid of anyone not German within our borders we promise a new utopia for Germans!!! Sieg Hail!!!
18-05-2004, 17:09
*On the screen appears the SNN logo that fades into the face of Fuerher Adolf Rommel, leader of the National Socialist party of Sturmschutzen*

I would like to state that all Slavic Resistance within our nation has been extinguished and all those who have surrendered are being relocated to temporary "holding" locations. I am also pubicly annoucing a change in Sturmschutzen instead of the People's Republic it is now the United Socialist States of Sturmschutzen. I am also publicly announcing the creation of the Union of Germanic Facists the current members include Sturmschutzen and the Grand Duchy of Zerstampfungland. UGFN will unite all Germans and make us one of the strongest alliances in the world!! I have also appointed a new head of the military General Fritz Wieber who has done well in leading the coup of the former government. Also appointed is Marshal Erwin Himmler who will be in charge of our New Intelligence branch and of course a new secret police detachment. We are beginning a new recruitment drive for our military and opening military academies around the nation. Ages 17-34 may apply. Sieg Hail!!