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Decommissioning of the FSS Bismarck

Germanische Zustande
14-05-2004, 02:36
The battle-scarred beheamoth lurched to a stop in the new berth on which construction had just completed. A massive gathering of over thrity million from around the Federation was gathered in the new Naval Museum, in orbit above Atheos. The raised platform stood over one-hundred feet above the crowd, and the din of the masses ceased as a line of figures shuffled to their seats. A lone figure broke off and stepped up to the podium that sat precariuosly close to the edge of the platform.

"Ahem," the Prime Minister cleared his throat loudly. "I think, that everyone here, knows why we stand here in front of this great ship, who reminds us of our origins. We have suffered at the hands of terrorists, and then rashly blamed another people for the terrible destruction of our beloved Atheos Prime. Because we turned from the Ancestors' wisdom, we caused more death than was ever to come of the single attack. Because of MY mistake, this magnificent vessel, and over ten thousand of her crew perished in a terrible battle above the Capital. And so, we stand here today, to pay respects to a ship that we thought would save us. To a ship that did her duty. To a crew that was loyal to the end. The Bismarck will never see service again, never will she roam the great expanses of space, even though she had seen not even ten years of service. Her crew that died in protection of their people and planets, their families and friends, they gave everything for the Federation. THEY WILL NOT BE FORGOTTEN!"

A half-million boots hit the deck of the station as the Navy troops turned to face the Federation flag that was draped across a mile of the Bismarck. The bagpipes began to play Amazing Grace, a hymn passed down from the days of the Ancestors. As the song ended, all the bodies of the dead were sent to their final resting place, the place they dreampt of sailing in grand ships of the Fleet. Ten thousand caskets slowly drifted out of the torpedo tubes that lined the Bismarck's starboard side.

"May they never be forgotten. By the Ancestors, never again will the young die for a cause not right! If the people demand it, I will resign immediately for my terrible mistake. The Bismarck will remain a testament to this terrible day, so that none may make the same mistake." And with that, Yohanne turned on his heel and walked away.

The Minister of Worlds next got up to speak. She gathered up her papers and walked up to the podium. "People of the Federation. We must rebuild! We must not let the Terrorists win! Though the galaxy expresses no interest in our problems, we will continue! We will do this on our own, for never, NEVER, have we backed down from evil, and we NEVER WILL!"

ooc: if anyone wants to help in the reconstruction, that would be appreciated. Almost the entire planet Atheos was laid waste to. Quite a few died, so most reconstruction teams are from other worlds of the Federation, so commotion will be at an all time high.
14-05-2004, 02:47
It is sad to retire a ship, repair the damn thing and use it, it is a waste of a good ship.
Germanische Zustande
14-05-2004, 03:06
I know. The grand old ship served with great honor. However, one of the warp cores exploded, and the sheilding around it failed, destroying a chunk of the ship half a mile in diameter, a Juumanistran vessel plowed into her bow, ripping through thousands of feet of the ship, and 2/3 of the major weapons were destroyed. So, it would cost a hell of a lot to repair it. We might build another like her, but not now.
Germanische Zustande
14-05-2004, 03:31
Also, ship construction will take a new turn. Ships will be smaller and faster, and more streamlined. just thought the galaxy should know.