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Ductapistan Declares Independence

13-05-2004, 07:58
Sago, Ductapistan. An autocratic dictatorship has been declared by President Rikardo Aviso, former Vickoloniestro of the Artoonian colony of Ductapistan. A bloody coup d'etat has resulted in the seizing of the Koloniejo (Governor's Mansion), which they have remaned the Liberejo (Freedom Mansion), and the overthrow of the Colonial Government, formerly led by Grafo Berto Daniel, His Majesty The Emperor's Kolnoniestro (Colonial Governor) and Grafo Palacista (Count Palatine). Daniel, and approximately seventy other officers who remain loyal to Crown, Church, and Country, is being held by the rebel forces, who threaten his execution unless Imperial control over the Colony is relinquished. The rebels have said that they would release all prisoners if The Empire immediately recognises their regime, although His Majesty's Government has reason to doubt their sincerity.

The Duktepistanoj Liberaj (Free Ductapistani) forces are demanding the immediate independence of the Colony, which they have renamed La Lando Libera de Duktepistano (The Free Land of Ductapistan). They cite as their impetus for rebellion their dissatisfaction with Imperial Policy. They believe that The Empire has been weakened by pacifism and diplomacy; several of the more hawkish Admirals of His Majesty's Navy have already joined the rebellion. These treasoners have managed to pirate the 62-ships Second Fleet, 6 Los Angeles class submarines, and the twin aircraft carriers Auxdaca and Stelaro.

Meanwhile, Ductapistani civilians remain evenly divided in their loyalty to the Crown, and in addition to the rebellion, the prospect of a Civil War looms in their air.
We the people of Free Ductapistan denounce the Artoonian press's characterisation of our Glorious Regime as criminal. We particularly object to the alleged "piracy" of The Free Ductapistani Armada. These ships were placed in Ductapistani waters for the protection of Ductapistan; we are merely seeing to it that they continue to protect our shores.

We also object in the strongest possible terms to the aspersions which Ms. S-o Mikelo has cast upon our honour, by implying that we would not keep our word and release the prisoners. It is obvious that she is merely pandering to the lowest common denominator with her appeals to virtue, knowing full well that the Artoonian people react most harshly to those who renege on their word. However, if our demands are met with indifference or hostility by the Imperial regime, we shall have no choice but to make an example of those who support it.

We implore the nations of the world to recognise our right to sovreignty. These Imperial swine have too long been an obstacle to our autonomy and if they invade our shores we will crush them underfoot like the vermin they are.
13-05-2004, 08:02
Emperor Artu I has issued the following statement, although he is currently away from The Empire at the Summit in Reichskamphen (

"These traitors against Crown, Church, and Country cannot be allowed to commit the heinous crime of Treason by making War on The Empire. The rebels have already displayed their shocking disregard for the sanctity of human life by brutally murdering thirty-seven officers of His Majesty's Government in their coup. Therefore, The Empire has no choice but to execute justice upon these criminals. In my absence from The Empire, I hereby give My Minister of Defence Generalo Mordehxaj Cxikofilo complete authority to bring this rebellion under control and restore The Crown's Control over the Colony.

"Furthermore, The Crown reemphasises that Grafo Berto Daniel is still recognised as Its rightful representative in the Colony. Any harm which befalls him shall be considered a direct attack upon The Empire, and shall be revisited sevenfold upon the rebellion."

Following The Emperor's grant of power, Generalo Cxikofilo has ordered four fleets to the Colony, in order to protect the integrity of The Empire.
Kay Son
13-05-2004, 08:05
13-05-2004, 08:34
We the Colonists of Jonestan wish to make it clear that the acts committed by the Ductapistani rebels are those of a lunatic fringe group, which a clear majority of The Empire rightfully condemns. The Empire has shown nothing but benevolence to its Colonies, affording us the full rights and privileges as citizens of The Empire as those enjoyed by citizens of The Motherland; we are no more Jonestani, Ductapistani, and Novamondo Bravan than we are Artoonian. These traitors, however, seek to whittle away The Glorious Empire and institute an oppressive, fascist regime, which we can take as nothing short of an assault on our Artoonian Brethren and Sistren. We reaffirm our loyalty to Crown, Church, and Country, and pledge whatever support His Majesty asks of us.
13-05-2004, 08:48
"The Constitutional Republic of Rotovia acknowledges and endorses the sovereignty of the Free Lands of Ductapistan. We congradulate your people on acting in accordance with their intrests and strongly urge the new leadership of Ductapistan to carry out free elctions. Understanding that you may be concerned for your nation's security should this happen, the Rotovian Armed Forces will protect your nation if such free elections take place.

Once again, condradulations on obtaining sovereignty and God Bless"
14-05-2004, 07:22
Sago, Ductapistan. His Majesty's Government has rightly refused to recognise the dictatorial regime of the Ductapistani rebels, and His Majesty's Navy has sent four fleets--196 ships strong--to blockade the island of Ductapistan, and to force the rebels into surrendering and releasing all 73 members of the rightful Colonial Government held hostage by the rebels. Riots and fighting have been the norm here in Sago, as Loyalists and Rebellion supporters have clashed in open warfare.

Speaking from the balcony of the Koloniejo President-for-Life Aviso yesterday read the following statement:
"Here me, People of Free Ductapistan!

"We have conclusively demonstrated the irrelevance of the inefficient, cowardly regime of Imperialist Artoonia to the Ductapistani people, and yet many of you are still not satified. The Western half of Ductapistan remains thoroughly overrun by Imperialist sympathizers, and even here in Sago, the people are taking to the streets demanding more 'freedom'. But we already have 'freedom'--the fact that the wretched Imperialist banner no longer flies over the Liberejo proves that!

"Democratic freedom, on the other hand, is an anachronism of the days of yore. We had that under our former Imperialist masters; it gained us nothing! Parliaments and Councils do more harm than good; they retard the political process with their endless deliberations, and they allow the weak and feeble-minded to stunt progress. That is precisely why the Imperialist shackles were so easily broken in our Glorious Revolution!

"Furthermore, it has come to my attention that these Imperialist serpents are trespassing in Ductapistani territorial waters with their naval blockade. We shall not stand for this Act of War.

"To prove that we are serious, we have randomly selected five of the Imperialist swine that we had imprisoned and sent them to the gallows. We will continue to do so until the Imperialist dogs quit our waters."
As of 9:00 p.m. tonight, their bodies remain hanging from the gallows, as Rebellion supporters have been gambling on chances to mutilate their corpses. Last night, shortly after they were hanged, Episkopo (Bishop) Haroldo S-a Georgo of the East Ductapistani Bishopric of La Eklezio Artuana (The Church of Artoonia) and three ministers attempted to claim their bodies, so that they might be buried. They were immediately shot, and their bodies left to the crowd. Patrego Apostola (Cardinal) Nikolo Sxnajder reacted by immediately excommunicating all members of the Rebellion, and holding a nine-hour Mass of Martyrdom--one hour for each of the clergy and the hanged hostages.

In response to these brutal slayings and President Aviso's remarks, Damo Urbanino (Lady Mayor) Orabela Samisto called together the Town Council of Akra, which remains a loyalist stronghold in the West. That body still remains in deliberation.

In Sago, this is Rebeka S-o Mikelo, reporting.
14-05-2004, 07:57
It is I, High Priest Terensque, the one true incarnation of the God-Lord himself, who posesses the distinct honor of presenting to you the revelation of the God-Lord himself, regarding Artoonia's plight.

Hail my loyal followers! My eyes are blinded and my hands are shackled, but still I see, and still I may act. You are my eyes, that I may see such radical injustices as this, and you are my hands that might crush this vile rebellion.

As such, I hereby decree to you, my followers, that now is the time to strike! Send out ten thousand of our most vile and feared ninja assassins, that they might bring the light of the God-Lord to these vermin!

In accordance with the will of the God-Lord, ten thousand of our mightiest ninja have been dispatched to assist Artoonia. All that we ask in return is that the Church of Terenia be allowed grounds on which to found a Ductapistan branch, that we might bring the enlightenment of the Iron-clad Lord to all peoples.
14-05-2004, 09:19
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and tag. we may get to see some decent roleplay here
14-05-2004, 09:51
Momanguise has confirmed that she will, of course, furnish the heroic defenders of liberty and self determination of Ductapistan with weapons and other aid.

Therefore in the next six NS months the following will be delivered to Ductapistan:

10,000 Momanguise Military Advisors

1 Million The ZAR-1B Assualt Rifles

500 MAS - 01 Medium Tanks

200 MFJ 22's - Fighter planes
14-05-2004, 12:33
*sits back in deck chair watching*

and tag. we may get to see some decent roleplay here

OOC: That's what I've been hoping for. But to continue as both sides would be a strain, as well as taint the roles. So after this post, I'm having a friend (whose anonymity I shall protect) take over the Ductapistani role for this thread, so let's see where it goes from here.
14-05-2004, 14:56
His Majesty's Government wishes to clarify the following points, which It believes may have been wrongfully interpreted by some of the international community:
This situation is not about colonialism vs. self-determination. Republican self-rule has always been a hallmark of Imperial policy, as illustrated by the ancient Artoonian proverb Tuta politiko loka estas ("All politics is local"). Indeed, even the Colonial Government was/is republican--only the Koloniestro executive was appointed by The Emperor; all other officials, including the Colonial Assembly, which President Aviso has abolished, were elected by the Ductapistani people. The true nature of the situation is this: a power-mad, bloodthirsty tyrant has usurped the government, and has already murdered forty-six innocent persons, including four clergymen; has committed piracy; and is regularly executing those who seek to exercise any political freedoms whatsoever.

As Ductapistan is still recognised as part of The Empire, its three seats in The People's House of Artoonia's Parliament are still filled, since their Parliamentarians have refused to side with the Rebellion. This body strives to be as representative as possible, but in order to do so, the People must be able to vote. This is now possible in only half of Ductapistan.

The "blockade" which Aviso is so quick to denounce has in no way infringed upon Ductapistani "sovreignty". Even though Aviso's regime has no claim to control, none of His Majesty's vessels has come within 15 nautical miles of Ductapistani shores, except those which have been able to safely dock in Akra's ports in order to deliver food and humanitarian aid.

Mr. Aviso has leveled the harshest of all possible insults against His Majesty's Government, by referring to His Navy as "serpents". In Artoonian society, calling a man a serpent is the only epithet worse than insulting his mother, wife, or daughter*, and when it is used, duels are not uncommon. In fact, many Artuanoj across The Empire who were otherwise disinterested in the matter are calling for Aviso's head, for this reason alone. His Majesty's Navy, however, is on strict orders not to retaliate for this, because even though Acts of Treason, Piracy, and Murder have been committed (each capitol criminal offences, for which Aviso and his underlings shall answer, if they are arrested alive), there has yet to be an attack upon any facet of His Majesty's Military. As per Artoonian custom, only an attack upon the military is considered a legal Act of War (terrorist actions and attack upon civilian personnel, such as have been committed, are criminal Acts of Treason, but not affairs of defence), and The Empire shall never fire the first shot in a War of Aggression.
We do, however, accept the most gracious offer of Supreme G-d-Lord Terensque of Terenia. Should our Defence forces be drawn into combat, your finest men may serve alongside Artoonian Special Ops and His Majesty's Holy Order of Knights.

* To be called "serpentine", however, one of the highest compliments a lady may be paid.
17-05-2004, 12:13
Sago, Ductapistan. Ductapistani Rebel President Rikardo Aviso's reign of terror continues to oppress Ductapistani Artoonians, mainly due to His Majesty The Emperor's policy against commencing combat. The Rebels hold the eastern half of Ductapistan and the Lupinan Isles off its eastern shore. Loyalists maintain the western half and most of the Salminaj Mountains, including the mountaintop city of Altega, where Loyalist forces have been gathering en masse in preparation to begin an blitzing the east. Rebels have attempted to assail Altega from the base of the Salminaj, both from the north, operating out of Rebel-controlled Ora, and from the south, operating out of Rebel-controlled Mintura, which the Rebels yesterday seized and renamed Liberajxo, shooting all members of its Town Council who refused to renounce their Loyalty to the Crown.
(Map courtesy of Serva Novajxa Artuana, with information from His Majesty's Navy. Purple dots indicate cities still Loyal to the Empire; those red are under Rebel control. The black line is the approximate boundary between the two.)

Meanwhile, Akra continues to serve as the base for Loyalist planning, and its Town Council, headed by Damo Urbanino Orabela Samisto is currently considered by His Majesty's Government to be its de facto Colonial Representative.

Aviso has also sent seven more hostages to the gallows, two of them children of Officials in the Colonial Government. These executions were immediately denounced by Patrego Apostola Nikolo Sxnajder and the Town Council of Akra (speaking as the de facto Colonial Government).

In Sago, this is Rebeka S-o Mikelo, reporting.
18-05-2004, 20:57
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18-05-2004, 20:59
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18-05-2004, 21:01
Sago, Ductapistan. Loyalist guerillas have had minor success in gaining some groung from the Rebel forces near Ora yesterday evening. This was not due to any actual fighting, however, but rather a freak eruption of Mt. Tuperla, which was previously thought dormant. The eruption decimated Rebel troops who had been camped outside Ora, although it is unknown at this time whether they were there to defend the city or to attempt another attack on Altega. It is also believed, although not known at the time, that some Loyalist forces who were camped at the base of the volcanno may have perished. Although no Loyalists have yet attempted to claim the land in the immediate vicinity of the lava flow, several bands of Loyalist guerillas did seize upon the retreating Rebels, decimating those caught between the proverbial molten rock and a hard place. Rebel-controlled Sago is now awash in rumours that Ora may fall back into Loyalist hands at any moment.

More disastrous for President Aviso's regime, however, was the complete surrender of the Lupinan islands east of Ductapistan proper. In a televised statement last night, Sinjoro Urbestro (Lord Mayor) Henriko Argxento explained that he was initially forced into siding with Aviso's regime out of fear that his pirated naval fleet would surround and attack Lupina if it did not join the Rebellion. After assessing the strength of the Imperial Navy which His Majesty the Emperor has sent to Ductapistan, however, Argxento said, he felt his townsfolk were safe from any Rebel threat. His Majesty's Navy has moved a few ships into the Strait of Lupina, and eased the blockade around it, in response.

Meanwhile, scant few reports have surfaced regarding Grafo Daniel's condition. Aviso has refused to release any information about him, although the general consensus seems to be that he is still alive, since he has not been seen at the gallows yet. One of Aviso's advisers, speaking on condition of anonymity, told SNA yesterday that Daniel has not been fed since his arrest, and that he has been subjected to intense psychological torture. At this time, however, these reports remain unconfirmed.

In Sago, this is Rebeka S-o Mikelo, reporting.

Hear me, Free Ductapistani!

When our Glorious Revolution is complete, Argxento and the rest of these traitors in Lupina shall pay with pounds of flesh for their cowardice and perfidy! As for whichever of my "advisers" has been collaborating with the Artoonian press, when he is discovered, he shall learn the true meaning of the word "press".

Ora shall not fall! Its people are as strong and resilient as the metal that is its namesake! Woe be it to him who thinks of assailing the mighty city of Ora!

Finally, and this is our last warning to the Imperialist vermin who infest our land and our waters, if you are so intent on seeing Mr. Daniel, we will release him--piece by piece--until you quit our territory.

-- President-for-Life Rikardo Aviso of Free Ductapistan
18-05-2004, 23:26
The Collectivist Union of Hallad has voted and decided to support the rebels in this matter.

Parialment Votes:

Aid Ducktapistan?
Yes- 126/200
No- 62/200
Abstain- 12/200

A trade embargo has been placed against Artoonia.

In addition the parialment has voted to place it's own naval blocade against Artoonia.

Secret IC: The 5th, 6th, 10th, 9th, 15th, and 20th fleets have been dispatched. In addition they are armed with 4 SLBM's.
19-05-2004, 05:21
Hallad: Please be advised that you are supporting a terrorist regime which has murdered civilians who would otherwise be considered its own citizens, in what is essentially a domestic criminal affair. We are going to resolve this dispute according to our laws and traditions, in order to bring a deranged madman to justice.
19-05-2004, 23:29
We have seen no evidence of these freedom fighters killing innocent civilians.

-The Collectivist Union of Hallad
20-05-2004, 03:10
We have seen no evidence of these freedom fighters killing innocent civilians.
Assuming, arguendo, that government officers elected by the people, as every officer of the Colonial Government--except for Daniel and (here's the kicker) Aviso himself--was, are fair game for terrorists to wantonly kill, surely you cannot claim that the four clergymen*(who were quite unarmed, as the custom of their church is one of complete nonviolence)--who they shot in cold blood and mutilated beyond recognisability--were not innocent civilians.

The fact that these clergymen were of The Church of Artoonia means nothing politically. His Majesty's Government recognises total Freedom of Conscience, unlike Aviso's regime, which has made membership in its own atheistic cult of personality mandatory for those under its own iron grip. In fact, clergymen in the Church of Artoonia are prohibited by their own ecclesiastical laws from holding any governmental office, although they are generally supportive of The Empire (though never from the pulpit). The fact that those first five of the Rebels' victims were all members of said church is completely coincidental to the political and legal situtation here, although not entirely unlikely, since about sixty percent of the Artoonian people are members of the Church of Artoonia.

* Clergy who merely wanted to properly inter the bodies of members of their church in accordance with their religion, which has been outlawed by the current regime.
21-05-2004, 00:31
In a conflict there are cassualties; bombs miss their targets, shells bombard cities. Civilians will die in war. However, as you say it was an attack on these clergymen and we of the Union can only assume the Ductapistan government will say the oppossite, there is nothing that you would be able to prove. And as such not only have several fleets moved into position around your nation, they will stop any ship from leaving or entering your waters.

-The Collectivist Union of Hallad
21-05-2004, 03:47
In a conflict there are cassualties; bombs miss their targets, shells bombard cities. Civilians will die in war. However, as you say it was an attack on these clergymen and we of the Union can only assume the Ductapistan government will say the oppossite, there is nothing that you would be able to prove.
Have they denied anything? Other than that they were that it was guilty of piracy for commandeering an entire fleet of our naval vessels, they have not.

Look at the facts as reported by the impartial United Nations' report on said regime:
Civil Rights: Some
Political Freedoms: Outlawed
Citizens are barcoded to keep track of their movements, membership in the state-owned Church of Ductapistan is mandatory and all other faith organisations are banned, the nation refuses to provide international aid, and long arduous trials are held for the most trivial of offences.
We did not make any of this up; it is in the public record. Look it up for yourself if you must.

As it stands, we are not the enemies of the Ductapistani people. Our only quarrel is with those who seek to oppress them. Were this regime to allow its people their basic natural rights (such as voting, or freedome of conscience, or of assembly), we would come to the table in bona fide. At the moment, however, they have been stripped of all such dignity. However, you don't have to take my word for it, recall Mr. Aviso's own remarks:
"Democratic freedom, on the other hand, is an anachronism of the days of yore. We had that under our former Imperialist masters; it gained us nothing! Parliaments and Councils do more harm than good; they retard the political process with their endless deliberations, and they allow the weak and feeble-minded to stunt progress.
We leave you with but one question: Is there a Ductapistani Assembly in Sago?
21-05-2004, 14:04
Lupina, Ductapistan, Artoonia. Late last night, a riot broke out in the southern quarter of Sago, part of which at 2:33 a.m. (local time) was one block south of the Liberejo. As the mob tried to storm the building, police were deployed in increasing numbers. At 2:36, the cities of Ora, Vanjo, and Euxa reported incoming aircraft on their radar; these aircraft had mostly been launched from cities in the west, while a few had been ship-launched. In each city, the aircraft passed just close enough to draw anti-aircraft fire; most did not come close enough to be effective, but two F-18s were downed near Liberajxo. However, at 2:47, the air squadrons near Ora and Vajno immediately broke off and headed east for Sago.

At 2:49, these aircraft engaged with rebel pilots, about 20 miles southeast of Sago, and midway between Sago and Ora.

At 2:55 a.m., the true action began. Taking advantage of the fact that the Artoonian Ministry of Defence maintained copies of the blueprints for most of the important buildings in Sago, a team of thirty-six covert ops forces, led by Major Duglas Ido, who had been working undercover with the Servo Novajxa Artuana (SNA) had earlier in the night descended from the SNA building to the city's subterranean catacombs, as soon as four of the best tech ops available gave the word that they had been able to crack into the computerised surveillance grid that would surely have otherwise detected the strike team. Three of them remained to set up a secure area under the SNA building while the rest quickly advanced the 250 metres or so to the Liberejo, their best intelligence having indicated that Gr. Berto Daniel was being held therein. As they reached the area directly under the Liberejo, there was, surprisingly, no one posted to guard the most obvious entry to the building. At 2:51, Ido began to worry.

Every possible permutation of this mission that Ido and his team had run in the past two days indicated that they would have engaged rebel sentries before they were able to get to Daniel. The most pessimistic even had them encounter the enemy as soon as they entered the catacombs. This meant one of three possibilities: that their intel was bad, that Aviso's regime had fewer men than expected, or that they had walked into an ambush. Ido prayed that at the very worst, it was the first of these, but planned for the last. At 2:53, he sent one of his men back to SNA with word that the mission would be modified.

The Liberejo extended four levels underground, with five possible entry and exit points. If Ido knew the rebels, Daniel was being held in the one of the lowermost two levels: the second-lowest if the rebels were smart, the lowest if Ido was lucky. He was not concerned with any of the exit points being used as escape routes by the rebels, unless his own men's escape was blocked; as the mission parameters called for, two men were left to guard each point, and four or five men would enter through each. Ido himself would lead Team 1. He said a quick prayer to St. Michael, then gave the go-code: "Asfalto: iru!"

Each insertion team was to use a flash charge before entering any room not already secure. Were Daniel in it, he would certainly be under guard, and likely shot before any intruder. Teams 3 and 5 immediately ran into enemy fire: three men between them were hit, one member of Team 3 fatally, and two members of Team 5 seriously enough to stop their progress. Team 2 ran into trouble at two points: there were three men just beyond the insertion point, who they neutralised; and in the third room they entered, a lone sentry, who surrendered immediately. Beyond these initial conflagrations, however, the lowest level was secured with no sign of Daniel. At 2:58, it was up to Ido to proceed; he had authority to abort at any time if the mission turned sour. He did some quick math: twenty-seven men plus himself had run into a total of seven sentries on the most strategic level. Either he had the rebels seriously outgunned, or an ambush was awaiting. "Barboro: iru!"

There were three stairways to the next level, plus one elevator. It was Team 4's objective to secure the elevator. At 3:00 a.m., Teams 1, 2, 3, and 5 ascended to Level 2, while Team 4 pried the doors open and entered, cutting through its roof and making it to the top, where the cable was severed. They then made their way for one of the stairways.

At 3:01, Teams 2 and 3 branched out. Eighty-seven seconds later, the leader of Team 2 was shot in the back. Turning about, the two remaining members of Team 2 found themselves faced with four uzi-toting guards. As one radioed for backup, the other managed to squeeze off three rounds at one of the rebels before they both took bullets to the head.

At 3:05, Team 4 joined their compatriots upstairs. Knowing the approximate last position of Team 2, and with two flashcharges remaining, they found the four ambushers, and after the resulting fire, 4-Leader and one of his men were left standing.

At 3:07, Team 3 hit good fortune, however. Entering a corridor, they found three doors about 10 metres apart. On cue from 3-Leader, the rest of the team simultaneously tossed flash charges and entered. The two on the left were empty. In the rightmost room was Daniel. His left arm was handcuffed to a radiator, his right arm (from the elbow down) on the single guard's desk, obviously having been severed hours ago. The guard immediately dropped to his knees. "Mi ne faris!" ("I didn't do it!") he cried. "Ne min pafu! Bonvolu!" ("Don't kill me, please!"). He was unarmed, the operative looked over to Daniel, who confirmed that this guard was a Loyalist double-agent. Our op handed him his sidearm.

All five teams rendezvoused at 3:10 a.m. Daniel was in their custody, the lower two floors were safe, and Ido had lost five men already. Ido had two objectives left: Obj. Centimetro, securing the building and taking Aviso alive; and Obj. Cxefo, getting Daniel out. He quickly weighed the situation: there were two more floors underground, plus three above. If Aviso were even in the building still, he could be on any one of them. With only eighteen men to continue the assault, he gave the word: "Cxefo: iru! Eliru!" Team 3, with Daniel in its custody, was the first down the stairs.

At 3:17, Ido himself was the last man back into the catacombs. He radioed command that Charlie was aborted, and asked for his final mission orders (namely, the extraction point for Daniel). He was instructed to make it to the pier, where Docks 9 through 13 were secure. Unfortunately, the catacombs didn't extend to the pier. And returning to SNA would probably be suicide. However, they did have access to a florist in downtown Sago about two kilometres away.

At 3:19, the Loyalists' planes disengaged from Euxa. Seven F-18s and two F-14s had been downed in the intervening time. The Loyalist strike wing, however, had been under orders to take only defensive fire, and then only if evasive manoeuvres had been unsuccessful. As a result, they had downed no rebel planes.

The special ops team arrived at the florist at 3:36. However, getting Daniel out would be difficult, since the roads were filled with rioters. Just then, three tanks roared up the street, blasting and crushing Loyalist and Rebel sympathisers alike. At 3:42, there was a clear exit route, but still no way to transport Daniel out. Then Ido had a flash of genius. An ambulance carreered up the street, pausing three buildings away. Ido and three of his men ran out to intercept its crew. Brandishing 9mm HKs, they stopped the two paramedics and asked which side they supported. Believing Ido to be a member of Aviso's secret police, they immediately joined hands, replying that they were loyal to the Empire and not afraid to die. Ido could not believe his good fortune.

He asked what they were doing here. They replied that they were picking up a man who had just suffered a heart attack during the riots. Ido then asked if they would be willing to alter their mission to help the Empire. The driver immediately agreed, but the other was reluctant, as his duty was to the heart attack victim. Ido had to think quickly. Knowing that the hospitals in Sago were severely understaffed and underequipped at the moment, he asked what the elderly man's chances would be. Bad, came the response. Ido then asked if they had room in the ambulance for a second patient. Since it was technically feasible, he commandeered the vehicle. Daniel was then loaded along with the cardiac victim, and at 3:48, it departed for the pier. At 3:59, they arrived at Dock 12, where a helicopter was waiting. It airlifted Daniel and the other patient (whose name is yet unknown) to LMSx Eksetero, where both were treated onboard. Daniel was suffering from malnutrition and the onset of gangrene, but is expected to make a full recovery. The other man's heart was started again, but he remains in critical condition. The remaining members of the strike team who were unable to accompany the ambulance assumed civilian identities (which was not difficult, since most civilians in Sago are heavily armed at the moment) and quietly made their way to Dock 9, where they met up with the entire staff of the Sago branch of SNA, who had evacuated under fears for our safety), and at approximately 6:45 local time this morning, we were airlifted out on three helicopters to Lupina. One of these (carrying three SNA staffers and eight of the strike team) was downed by anti-aircraft fire from a rebel ship, the rest made it safely to Lupina.

At 4:10 a.m., after the helicopter had safely docked, Admiral Mirinda Diamanto and General Mordehxaj Cxikofilo were immediately contacted back in Lumo, Artoonia. Upon hearing the news, Diamanto immediately ordered the entire Armada to leave Ductapistani waters, with the exception of 20 ships to remain for the defence of the Loyalist forces in Lupina and the west. These were instructed to dock at the first opportunity, in Katira and on the eastern side of Lupina--in both cases as far from rebel-controlled Ductapistan as possible.

I would like to thank Major Ido, Admiral Diamanto, and His Majesty's Navy for being so forthcoming with the details of this operation so quickly.

In Lupina, this is Rebeka S-o Mikelo, reporting.
His Majesty's Government thanks Almighty G-d and Saint Michael that Daniel was rescued, and with civilian casualties numbering only in the victims of the riots and the three reporters who perished on the helicopter. The fleets that had been outside of Ductapistan have all been recalled, save for a scant few that remain--docked--solely for the protection of our citisens who remain loyal.

We still refuse to recognise as legitimate any regime in Ductapistan which was not freely elected. Since the territory in the west and Lupina currently have Assemblies that meet this criterion, His Majesty's Government recognises them as the legitimate government of the isles.

To Mr. Aviso:
Since Daniel is no longer in your custody, your major bargaining chip is lost. If you come to the table now, we will consider--as we have been willing to do all along--any serious proposal--even one of autonomy--which immediately returns political autonomy to the people of Ductapistan.

Now, 176 of the 196 ships which had been in Ductapistan have been recalled, one of which carries two badly-injured men. Since they are travelling at full speed, it should take them about a day and a half to return home. Therefore, to The Collectivist Union of Hallad:
We ask that you allow their safe return to our own waters. If our fleets return, so that we may get Daniel and the other victim to a hospital in Lumo, we will consider it as if you'd never been there.

/seal/ His Majesty's Government
/s/ Sin. Eduxardo Davo, Foreign Minister
/s/ Gen. Mordehxaj Cxikofilo, Minister of Defence,
/s/ Adm. Mirinda Diamanto
23-05-2004, 16:09
Pressing matters have forced us to give up the blockade. Our ships will return to Hallad immediatly.