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New threat on the horizon...

New Vuhifell
12-05-2004, 01:48
The 'Kazach Order', an extremist t organization established after the Democratic Party took office in NV has targeted a number of nations in hoping to shake and disable the Democratic Governments there and set up t governments. 3 months since the Democratic Party took up office and here are the list of International Crimes this Organization has commited.

United Elias:

*Has tried to disrupt communications in that country
*Monitered Military Movements and reported them to other extremist organizations

Al Abnar:

*Has tried to fire upon Al Abnar troops in Iran
*Succeeded in disrupting Diplomacy between NV and AA


*Has attempted to sink their newest Doujin Class battle cruisers

New Vuhifell:

*Has attempted to assasinate Malcolm Rodrigez and Michael Daniels, two radical political freedom fighters working for more communist and democratic freedoms around the globe.


*Has attempted to assault UN Command in that country


HNNN(Hivez National News Network) Special News Report

The President makes an announcment to the world...

Here we stand today, on the brink of destruction and yet several coalitions of countries have banded together in unison to defeat this common extremist enemy. The Kazach Order, does not belong to the rightful responsibility of the Democratic Republic of New Vuhifell, but of an armed extremist society, Bent on disturbing world peace and order. Of the 17 countries they have targeted due to previous relations and opposing political veiws, they have set up control in over 14 of these countries, using the media and the government as their puppets. Their leader, Villa Ananko has targeted many of communist, Democratic, and Monarchy like governments in order to attemp a militist coup de etat in order to establish permenent t government. This organization must be eradicated before it grows into a major world organization disrupting power in the 'United States' and the 'European Union'. NV will help any sovereignity attempting to whipe this extremist group off the face of the Earth...


Major World Kazach Order leaders

Villa Ananko-Former President of NV, Leader of the Organization

Turisa Renos-Tactical Admiral of Naval Operations

Dr. Tesla-Head of their "Science" Department

Christopher Harrera-Commander of Finaces

Sperelli Ural-Vice-Leader

Hughes Daniels-Brother of Current President-Head of Security and Espionage
12-05-2004, 02:28
ViZion is willing to help stop these terrorists. We have dealt with many like these, many also very powerful. But we wish to know if they are affiliated with the Heavens, GLA, Terror of the World, or any other terror organizations.