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Reported air disaster over Friyusistan

10-05-2004, 16:40
It is with sadness that the Government of Falastur must announce a catastrophe over the nation of Friyusistan. Last night, an official jet, with a number of minor Falasturian officials on board, as well as a group of diplomatic aids and other promising young Government workers, was sent to Bagdadstan, capital of Friyusistan, to participate in low level Government talks on key issues. The plane entered Friyusistani airspace at around 21:30 last night, and was due to arrive in Bagdadstan at around 22:45. Contact was lost with the plane only 15 minutes after it entered Friyusistani airspace, and the only potential lead is a distress call - cut off after only 5 seconds - from the rough area where this plane is expected to have been at the time. The persons on board this plane are now missing presumed dead, and all of Falastur mourns this tragic event.

Following this event, the Government of Falastur requests permission to send a team to Friyusistan to investigate this horrendous occurence, and we hope that the Government of Friyusistan will dedicate officials to investigate also.
10-05-2004, 16:50
The Friyusistane Goverment has made an announcement today, a couple of hours after the catastrophe:
"Our goverment is apalled by this catastrophe. We give our condolences to the families of the victims."
"Our response to Falastur's goverment request of help is this:
We have been informed that every Friyusistani citizen in your country, tourist and bussinesmen, have been imprisoned, suspected of being terrorists. We also know that there is no proof of this. So, we are telling you this: We will let the investigators in our country, if you release our citizens."
10-05-2004, 17:04
The Government of Falastur, hearing of this response, is outraged at the implication this message gives. The idea that we have imprisoned every Friyusistani citizen in Falastur is completely false. We take great pride in our Police Force, and it's ability to make a correct arrest in 99% of cases. The thought that this great force would be used in such an apalling way to arrest all Friyusistani citizens in Falastur is beyond comprehension.

It should be made clear that 12 citizens of Friyusistani have been detained. They were found with plans and objectives, including the elimination of two anonymous key Government officials, and the destruction of an undisclosed important centre of trade in Falastur. These citizens have also been linked to a lesser known terrorist organisation based in Friyusistan.

However, these citizens are the only Friyusistanis to currently be in detention inside Falastur. We completely object to the claims of these large numbers of arrests, and we ask the Friyusistani Government to back down over these claims before their reputation is put into question, when these mass arrests are proved false - as indeed they will be.

Once again, we ask that you withdraw this wild and ridiculous claim, and allow us to investigate this disaster in peace.
10-05-2004, 17:09
If those statement are true, these man still have to be judged by our country, not yours. Give us those man, and we will help in this investigation.
In other news, the bodies of the victims have been sent to Falastur.
10-05-2004, 17:19
The Government of Falastur refuses to hand these citizens over to Friyusistan. By Falasturian law, these citizens have been charged with acting leading to an attack on the realm. For not having carried out this actions, but having the intent to make them, this constitutes a second class offence, alongside the crime of attempted treason. This carries the charge of life imprisonment. These men will be tried in Falastur, and if sentenced, imprisoned in Falastur. According to Falasturian law, if sentenced, these men may be transferred to a prison in their country after serving ten years of their sentence in Falastur.

We refuse to give up these men until they have been tried, and a verdict is decided upon.

However, we must thank the Government of Friyusistan for their service to us in returning to us the men and women who died last night. We are investigating the men arrested, and we believe there may well be a link between them and their terrorist organisation, and our plane, which exploded over Friyusistan yesterday. We recommend you do not obstruct the course of justice in Falastur, and that you guard against subsequent attacks from this terrorist group.
10-05-2004, 17:39
We won't help you in your investigation unless those Friyusistani citizens are bringed to our nation and judged here.
Also, today, 5 Falasturian citizens were arrested acused of terrorism. They were caugth with materials to build a bomb, blueprints of two goverment buildings, automatic weapons, etc
10-05-2004, 17:45
The Government of Falastur is outraged at the arresting of these citizens. Falastur has long had many laws and enforcements against terrorism, and the thought of Falasturian terrorists is beyond our comprehension. We demand you release these innocent citizens, and do not stand in the path of our fight against ills in the world.
10-05-2004, 17:54
The nation of Aust wishes to know what exacly where the plans that the terrorists where carrying and offers itself as a nutral country where trials of this nature could take place, justly with our Emporer as the judge. Due to our long history of terrorist atrocotys that have happened in Aust we make it clear that we will not let them off or kill them but will subject them to all the international human rights converntions.

In readyness for acceptiance of this offer, 2 transports and 20 F-15's are heading to Falastur to collect them. We strongly advise you let us enter and leave with these citizens for trial if not the consiquinces may be servire.
10-05-2004, 18:02
The Government of Falastur has no choice but to deny entry to these planes. Over several events, Falastur has become embroiled in Aust's foreign and internal politics, and has become too close involved with them. We would prefer to work out the solution to this problem between ourselves, and Friyusistan, thank you.
11-05-2004, 01:23
We refuse to accept Aust threats. You have no rigth no interfere in someone's else discussion.
Back into the situation, we offer the Falasturian goverment this:
We will release our 5 prisioners, if you release yours.
12-05-2004, 19:15
The Government of Falastur will not back down over this situation. The terrorists will be kept imprisoned, until such a time as they can be released. This will not be any time in the near future.

We recommend you begin this investigation immediately, and allow us to send representatives to participate in the investigations. We will not allow another attack on our country, and we wish to find out who is behind this attack and remove their threat to us permanently.