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New India Minor military listing

21-04-2004, 06:18
Infantry Regiments;

1st Rifle (1,000 men)
2nd Rifle (1,000 men)
3rd Rifle (1,000 men)
4th Rifle (1,000 men)
1st MG (1,000 Men)
1st Logistical Regiment (1,000 men, 650 Horses)

NIMROD (New India Minor Remote Ops Division);

1st Group (500 Men)
2nd Group (500 Men)

Tank Division;

1st Light Div. (10 BMP-3 Light vehicles
2nd Light Div. (5 Puma APCs, 5 BMP-3 Light vehicles)
1st Heavy Div. (10 T-70 Main Battle Tanks)
1st Armoured Support (10 Heavy Transports)
2nd Armoured Support (8 Jeeps, 2 Chinook Helicopters)

Aero Division;

1st Transit Div. (10 C-54 Transports)
2nd Transit Div. (10 C-46 Transports)
1st Combat Div. (10 MiG-21 Fighters)
Combat Support Div. (6 MiG-27 Fighters, 4 IL-28 Bombers)
6 KC-10 Extenders

Naval Group;

6 patrol boats
1 River Class Corvette
4 Support Ships
1 KC-10 Extender
4 P-3 Orions

Reserve Force;

1st Reserve Regiment (1,000 men)
1st Reserve Armor (10 T-62 Tanks)
2nd Reserve Armor (6 Puma APCs, 4 BMP-2 IFVs)
1st Reserve Air Core (6 MiG-21s, 4 Su-24s)
1st Reserve Logistics (1,000 Men, 650 Horses)
2 KC-10 Extenders


Infantry/NIMROD: 7,000 Men, 650 Horses (7 Regiments)
Tank Core: 102 Men (5 Divisions)
Air Core: 92 men (4 Divisions)
Navy Group: 184 (1.8 Sub-Groups)
Mechanics: 500 Men (1 Group)
Logistics: 1,000 Men (1 regiment)
Other: 1,000 men (1 regiment)
Total combat: 7,170 men, 650 Horses (7 Regiments, 1.7 Sub-Groups)
total support: 2,700 men (2 regiments, 1 group, 2 Sub-Groups)
Total Reserves: 2,078 Men, 650 Horses (2 Regiments, 0.7 Sub-Groups)
Total Men/horses: 11,988 Men, 1,300 Horses



AK-47: Used by NIMROD and the MG Regiments. highly effective gun.
MiG-21: Very common soviet block fighter. used for nearlty all troles a fighter airplane can perform.
SHG-10: Shotgun designed and built by New India Minor. used by the Rifle regiments.
C-46: WWII Allied transport converted from a promising airliner design.
C-54: Upgrade of the famous DC-3/C-47.
MiG-27: Tactical bomber also used as an interceptor.
T-70 MBT: Common russian Main battle tank.
BMP-3: russian IFV in use by AFNIM.
Puma APC: Indian light combat vehicle recently put into production.
River Class: Standard Royal Isselmere-Nieland Coast Guard (RINCG) high endurance cutter and Royal Isselmere-Nieland Navy corvette.
PB-90 Patrol Boat: AA and ASW Patrol boat built in NIM.
Chinook Helicopter: a common US military transport used for transporting troops.
21-04-2004, 06:27
An excellent starting military.
23-04-2004, 05:44
bump for update
23-04-2004, 17:35
ooc: about how many support ships would my navy need?
23-04-2004, 17:37
The EOL storefront is a good place to visit for natural resources and Modern US/Western tech stuff with some Soviet / Russian stuff being added as time goes on.