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Izistani Artillery for sale.

21-04-2004, 05:29
“Templar” 155mm SP Howitzer.
The People’s Republic of Izistan has a long tradition of arms manufacturing, so naturally we seek to continue this tradition by offering our latest design for export.
"Templar on exercise in Izistan"


Weapons- one 155mm gun, one 15.5x115mm FN BRG-15 in AA mounting, and four smoke dischargers.

Ammo- It can fire a HE shell(8.9 kg of explosive) to 21,2150 meters, it can also fire rocket assisted projectiles(delivers a 22 kilogram explosive) to 28,700 meters, it is also capable of firing chemical and tactical nuclear projectiles. 28 rounds carried,(4 smoke, 4 illuminating, 20 HE, or RAP, we carry more in a support vehicle which also will carry the chemical or nuclear rounds if needed.)

Firing Rate- 5 rounds per minute.

Engine- Liquid cooled 10-cylinder diesel engine, developing 1000 hp.

Armor-15mm to 50mm(NBC protection incorperated).

Road Range-457 km

Max speed= 50 km/h

Max fording depth- 3.4 meters

Weight- 57 gross tonnes

Price- 5.2 million USD each.(When you buy, you get the production rights to the ammo, expect for the nuclear and chemical rounds.)
Productions rights also for sale, please make inquire if interested
New Vladivostok
21-04-2004, 05:52
We would like to buy 2000 units, as well as production rights, and tactical nuclear warheads.

$11.4bil will be wired upon delivery of artillery. Please inform us of the charge for production rights and the nuclear shells.
22-04-2004, 03:43
Order received. They will be manufactured and delivered by cargo ship, it will take around 2 NS years to complete production.

OCC: I have decided it is best to offer the nuclear shells (production rights only) for sale, but only for nations above 50 million.
22-04-2004, 04:47
22-04-2004, 05:05
23-04-2004, 02:09
23-04-2004, 05:31
23-04-2004, 22:37
24-04-2004, 21:17
24-04-2004, 21:28
24-04-2004, 21:30
The nation of Vico would like 15 of this tanks and would also want to know how much does the ammo right for chemical or nuclear ammunition costs.

15 Tanks = 78 Millions

Money will be wired after confirmation.

President Vicente Muñoz.
24-04-2004, 21:47
OOC: They are SP howitzers not tanks.

Your order is received Vico. I'm selling the production rights for the Nuclear and Chemical rounds, name your price.
24-04-2004, 21:51
Not sure, 5 millions maybe... I don't know, seriously.

(Ok sorry for that :), and I hate when people tell me to make an offer and they don't even give me a price, they always end up telling me it's an unfair price :P)
24-04-2004, 22:07
How about 2.5 billion USD?
24-04-2004, 22:09
BUMP :shock:

No thanks, I'll manage with the original schematics, still thanks.
27-04-2004, 02:20
27-04-2004, 03:00
Kihameria will buy 1000 of these SP howitzers.
the total price will be 5.2 billion dollars.
~-money wired-~
Schultaria Prime
27-04-2004, 03:44
The Schultarian Defense Forces (SDF) are willing to discuss the possible purchase of production rights to the "Templar" howitzer and all of its non-conventional ordinance. It has come to the attention of our national defensive forces that a good artillery backbone will be necessary for our military in the near future. Therefore, we offer you a proposal based on several successful economic treaties that you can view at the following site.

By the precedents already established in the two previous arms treaties, we will be willing to pay (at a minimum) 10.4 Billion for the Physical Vehicle, or up to 13.5 Billion. As for the Nuclear and Chemical shells, if you could provide us with a per unit price we will be able to discuss possible terms. Thank you in advance.

-The Schultarian National Assembly
28-04-2004, 00:53
Order recieved Kihameria.
As for Schultaria Prime, we shall contact them.