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Renegade Militant Forces (RP)

21-04-2004, 02:09
"Billianaire Ex-General Walters McCarthy, has reportedly taken a large group of Mercenaries and even some of our countries military to the far north, evidently the Ex-General is pushing for the collapse of the Empire. Naturally, he is being refused but he sent this message to all major News Networks, "Today, is the day of justice, when our people will rise up, and destroy this Empire that has brainwashed us all. We will not settle any longer, this nation's continued forced conscription, its huge budget in defense, and its stiffling of any political resistance, has finally been seen for what is it. Now, it shall fall, and we shall throw Lord_Zero from this country, as was written by our Messiah.", Evidently the General speaks of, 'Rickonerson', the fabled savior of the country. *The reporter gives a hearty laugh* The Democracy loving weakling who seems to think this country needs a political overhaul to help with our economy. To this, this reporter has this to say, have we evern been happier? This is James Roberts, signing off."

That was the report earlier, this is a notice to other nations. We humbly ask for assistance, as this force is rather large. The press thinks it is only a handful of troops. It is really a specailly trained group of mercenaries, coupled with some of our own armed forces, the militants forces equal roughly 1.2 million troops. As you can see, that is quite a force to be on our northern bases. We abandoned these bases about a year ago, these bases are quite loaded so he is well equiped. To add to this, he is in a mountainous region, yet he is also upon an isle. It is a frozen wasteland, well versed for a battleground, in favor of the defenders however. To make matter worse, they could possibly have access to one of our Ion Cannons, orbiting in space, we have three, but such technology proved to be rather ineffiecent, however, he could use it to great effect in his location. This adventure could prove quick tiresome. He has had many raids upon our cities, murders, arson, robbery. This attack upon our civilians must not be allowed. We humbly ask for assistance.

OOC: This is a RolePlayventure, please PM me about anythign you wish to ask, or work with (liek secret ops or anything)
21-04-2004, 02:50