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Starblaydia’s Military Store - Excellent anti-ICBM systems

21-04-2004, 01:10
Starblaydia’s Military Storefront - MkII

The all-new and improved storefront from Starblaydia is back, featuring the wares of the Starblaydi Armament Corporation and Muber Aerospace Industries. Here you can find items for Missile and ICBM Defence, Mobile Armour and Tanks and a selection of Aircraft.

Nations with Embassy Exchange Programs receive 5% off total order value. (Currently: Iuthia, Aerion, Tiborita, Free Pacific States, The Irish Isle )
Nations with Economic Treaties with Starblaydia receive 10% Off (Currently: Ottoman Khaif)
Nations in Good Standing with Starblaydia receive a 25% discount (Currently: Diminix, Granzi)
Note: These bonuses are not cumulative

All Prices are in United States Dollars (US$), and orders without price totals will be ignored, so do your own math/arithmetic/sums/adding up please!
Starblaydia Truimphant
21-04-2004, 01:14
Missile & ICBM Defence Systems

:arrow: HOI (Homing Overlay Interceptor)
A Stetegic Defence Initiative kinetic energy weapon, the HOI is a ground-based ICBM interceptor, designed to use a unique system of unfurlable fan blades to increase its kill ratio. It can reach speeds of around 10,000mph in flight and uses sheer momentum to destroy its targets, with its fan blades unfurled prior to contact with the aggressor ICBM giving it a diameter of 15 feet, instead of the 2 or 3 feet in conventional anti-ICBM defence.

Able to hit ICBMs at altitudes above 100 miles the HOI, and its sophisticated tracking software in its nosecone, make the best anti-ICBM defence in the late-boost though midcourse phase anywhere in the world

Price: $500,000,000 per missile

:arrow: HEDI (High Endoatmosphere Defence Interceptor)
Tested at 95% accuracy, the HEDI system uses infra-red to track its targets, using its own kinetic energy to destory the incoming missile. Attacking ICBMS as they enter the atmosphere, HEDI is extremely effective at downing incoming missiles.

Price: $100,000,000 per missile

:arrow: Patriot PAC-3
The only battle-tested, anti-ballistic missile system in the field, the Patriot missile system is most useful against Intermediate Range Ballistic Missiles and aircraft. It has the capability to counter aircraft threats, including saturation raids, high speed targets, highly maneuverable targets and in sophisticated electronic counter measures. Simply the most practical, workable anti-missile system in the world today

Price: $100,000 per four-pack of missiles. Launchers at $500,000 each
21-04-2004, 01:15
Mobile Armour and Tanks

:arrow: CV (Combat Vehicle) 90 (
The CV 90 family consists of: CV 90 (the basic armored infantry fighting vehicle, armed with a 40 mm automatic cannon); Anti-aircraft vehicle 90; Forward observer vehicle 90; Command post vehicle 90; and Recovery vehicle 90. All vehicles are designed for maximum performance in the most inhospitable terrain and hostile combat environments. The CV 90 is an extremely agile, multi-role combat vehicle with all-target capability, a low very compact structure and minimized radar and IR-signatures. The basic turret is electrically operated and houses a CelsiusTech UTAAS sight with integrated laser rangefinder and thermal camera. The 40 mm Bofors autocannon assures lethality to all other light armored vehicles and even offers a chance to kill enemy tanks from flanking positions with its APFSDS-T ammo.

Unit costs :
CV90 - $6M
Anti-AirA-CV90 - $6.5M
Forward Observer Vehicle-CV90 - $5.8M
Command Post-CV90 - $6.5M
Recovery Vehicle-CV90 - $6.3M

:arrow: Rooikat AFV (
An 8x8 wheeled, armoured fighting vehicle is designed for fast, deep penetration of rugged areas. Equipped with a 105mm GT7 Tank Gun, reaching speeds of up to 120kph on the road, or averaging 50 kph cross-country. High speed and superior firepower make it ideally suited to the role of hunter-killer. This 28-ton, 4 crewman vehicle is available at $2,400,000 per item.

The Rooikat is also available in a tracked version (, priced at $2.5M per item.

:arrow: G6 Rhino 155mm Self-propelled Howitzer (
6x6 Wheeled, the G6 is an agile super-range weapon that forms the backbone of a fully integrated and flexible artillery system. It was developed and refined primarily to support rapidly advancing mechanised infantry and armoured divisions. It can provide fire over a 1000 kilometre square area, with a standard range of 3000m. It can reach speeds of 80kph on the road and 30kph off-road. In theatre, this six-man crewed Howitzer complements the Rooikat perfectly.
Available in single unit for $5,200,000

:arrow: HMMWV (Humvee) (
The ubiquitous vehicle used by the US Military and various celerities, the HMMWV (Humvee) is available in two varieties here:

1) The M1025 Version with Machine Gun or Grenade Launcher: Available for $250,000 per unit
2) The M1046 Version with upgraded armour, TOW missile carrier and six TOW missiles: Availble for $350,000 per unit

Both can fit four crew and reach speeds of 125kph. Extra sets of 6 TOW Missiles can also be purchsed for $75,000.

:arrow: Land Rover Defender (
The standard British Army light vehicle, the Land Rover Defender can be used for transporting any personnel, from Generals to Grunts, the Defender especially useful when stripped down for Special Forces transport. Easily maintainable by anyone with the smallest of mechanical skills, the Defender is a solid, reliable workhorse that can be slung under helicopter cargo transporters, or even dropped on a parachute out of the back of a Hercules.

Available at $50,000 per item

:arrow: Light Armour Squadron Package
Place your Main Battle Tanks in rugged and isolated terrain and their drawbacks become obvious: lack of manoeuvrability, much slower speeds, high maintenance costs, etc. For this situation, the Starblaydi Armament Corporations’ Light Armour Squadron is perfectly designed. A whole tactical formation in itself, it is a fine fighting battalion with both speed and firepower that can integrate easily with most type of Corps.

Soldiers, Tanks, Armoured Fighting Vehicles, Self-propelled Howitzers and Anti-Aircraft weaponry are all present in this highly flexible Squadron, giving high speed across most types of terrain and especially on the road. Perfect for anything from lightning-fast penetrations to holding down the population of freshly ‘liberated’ cities.

The Light Armour Squadron contains:
1x Artillery Company
4 Platoons of 4 G6 Rhino Self-Propelled Howitzers = 16 G6 Rhinos
1x Mechanized Infantry Company
2 Platoons of 4 1025-type HMMWVs (with HMG) = 8 Humvees
2 Platoons of 4 1046-type HMMWVs (with TOW) = 8 Humvees
2x Tank Companies
Each CV90 Company contains 4 Platoons, each with four tanks.
Each company therefore has 16 Standard CV90s, plus 2 anti-air, 2 Recovery and 2 Forward Observation vehicles, totalling 22 Tanks. Therefore with two Companies you get fighting 44 Tanks.
1x Armoured Fighting Vehicle Company
3 Platoons of 4 Rooikats = 12 Rooikats AFVs

Package includes: Mobile Squadron HQ, Command Vehicles for each Company, communications equipment, all attached weapons, generous ammunition amounts and shipping costs.

Total cost: US$450,000,000
Shipping ETA: 1 NS Year
21-04-2004, 01:24

:arrow: F-23S Nightwing (
Tired of every nation having F-22 Raptors as their main air superiority fighter? Now, your country can own the only real competitor to the Raptor, from Muber Aerospace Industries, we proudly present the F-23S Nightwing! In an unprecedented move, Starblaydi Armaments Corporation is proud to announce the unveiling of this state-of-the-art Advanced Tactical Fighter. Don't let the fact the US government declined to purchase this miracle piece of technology turn you away, because the Northrop F-23S is, in many ways, superior to the F-22 Raptor.

Lacking the vectorable thrust of the F-22, the F-23 is less manoeuvrable, but more stealthy than its well-known counterpart, particularly from the rear. The F-23's greater stealth characteristics, combined with a faster top speed and improved supercruise ability made it a favourite with NASA test pilots, above the F-22.

Contractor: Muber Aerospace
Mission: Air Superiority, Stealth, Supercruise
Length: 67 feet, 5 inches (20.6 meters)
Wing span: 43 feet, 7 inches (13.3 meters)
Height: 13 feet, 11 inches (4.3 meters)
Maximum takeoff weight: 64,000 pounds (29,029 kilograms)
Propulsion: 2 Pratt and Whitney YF119 turbofan engines
Speed: Mach 2 (wihtout afterburner)
Range: 865-920 miles (750-800 nautical miles) unrefuelled
Armament: 4 AIM-9 Sidewinder - internal bays in engine intake duct sides
4 AIM-120 AMRAAM - internal bays underneath air intakes
Crew: One
Unit Cost: $100,000,000 (One Hundred Million US Dollars per craft)

:arrow: E-767 Airborne Warning And Control System (AWACS) (
The E-767 is the ultimate in airborne electronic warfare, developed as a natural progression from the E-3 Sentry following the closure of Boeing's 707 production line. The E-767 combines a Boeing 767-200ER airframe with the APY-2 development of the Sentry's APY-1 radar and mission system.

Frquency-agile, able to both detect craft and then guide passively-launched air-to-air missiles from accompanying fighters, the improved E-767 is also pretty damn good at detecting stealthy aircraft, due to the millions of watts of power that the Rotodome puts out.

Unit cost: $30,000,000

:arrow: Hawk T1A (
Used in the USAF as th T-45 Goshawk trainer, the British Aerospce Hawk is one of several multipurpose trainer/light ground attack aircraft developed in various European countries during the seventies, it was found adaptable to the U.S. Navy's training role, including carrier operations, with a minimum of aerodynamic modification --a tribute to the excellent characteristics of the basic design.

Unit cost: $15,000,000


:arrow: Rooivalk CSH2 (
The South African-designed and manufactured Rooivalk attack helicopter comes equipped with air-to-air missiles, anti-tank missiles and a rapid-fire 20mm automatic cannon. It carries a crew of two. In a police support role it could be used for intelligence gathering, surveillance, electronic soundwave jamming and as an airborne crane. The survivability of the Rooivalk is enhanced by design characteristics that include low detection signatures, high agility, damage tolerance, dual-redundant systems and airframe crashworthiness. The helicopter is able to operate in the Nap-of-the-earth (NOE) environment, and can operate both at night and in adverse weather conditions from long stand-off ranges. The helmet, head-up display (HUD), and nose-mounted day/night stabilized sighting systems provide for fast, highly accurate designation and delivery of anti-tank missiles, air-to-ground rockets, cannon fire, and the ability to carry air-to-air missiles for self-defence. The turreted cannon, 2 x wing-tip and 4 x under-wing stores stations allow the Rooivalk considerable flexibility in weapons and external fuel loads.

Unit cost: $15,000,000

:arrow: Oh-58D Kiowa Warrior ( NEW!
The OH-58D Kiowa Warrior is a two-place single engine armed reconnaissance helicopter. The OH-58D's highly accurate navigation system permits precise target location that can be handed-off to other engagement systems, giving the entire force an accurate picture of enemy positions. The OH-58D has an infrared thermal imaging capability and can display night vision goggle flight reference symbology. It's laser designator/laser rangefinder can provide autonomous designation for laser-guided precision weapons. Air-to-Air Stinger (ATAS) issiles provide the Kiowa Warrior with protection against threat aircraft.

The primary mission of the Kiowa Warrior is armed reconnaissance in air cavalry troops and light attack companies.

Mast-mounted sight: Longbow Radar, Thermal imaging sensor, Television sensor, Laser range finder/designator, Optical boresight system.
Weapons: .50-caliber heavy machine gun, 70-millimeter folding fin aerial rocket, Air-to-air Stinger missile, Hellfire modular missile system.

Unit Cost: $11,000,000

:arrow: V-22 Osprey ( NEW!

A unique tilting-rotor craft, usuable as a helicopter or a vertical/short takeoff and landing (VSTOL) plane. The V-22 provides a long-range VTOL insertion and extraction capability. The tiltrotor design combines the vertical flight capabilities of a helicopter with the speed and range of a turboprop airplane and permits aerial refueling and world-wide self deployment. Useful as both Medium Lift (HMMWVs, Artillery etc) or in a troop transport capability (Full land Assault for 24 troops), the V-22 makes a perfect Commando-type insertion craft as well as naval transport and search/recovery craft.

Unit Cost: $35M
22-04-2004, 00:14
Infantry Weapons

:arrow: AUG-A1 (

The ambidextrous Austrian-designed Army Universal Gun is a lightweight assault rifle of 'bullpup' design (meaning the magazine is positioned behind the trigger). This reduces the overall length of the weapon to just 31 inches and weighing less tha eight pounds. The sturdy 1.5x optical scope is also built into the carrying handle, and the magazine is clear plastic for the infantryman to know how many of his 30 bullets per clip he has left with a single glance.

The AUG is available for $500 each.
22-04-2004, 00:38
"Each with 4 Platoons of 4 CV90s = 16 CV90s + Anti-Air, Recovery Vehicle and Forward Observation versions = 44 CV90 and CV90-Variant vehicles in total." I'm thinking of buying but could you tell me how many of each type of CV90s there are? Thanks.

Also, after extensive voting by the Parliament of Granzi, we are pleased to announce Trusted Status has been conferred to you. A 25% discount will be applied to every order at our naval storefront.
Ottoman Khaif
22-04-2004, 01:06
the Ottoman Khaif will buy the Patriot PAC-3,we will buy eight for $800,000 of four-pack of missiles. and six Launchers for $3 milllions.
the total is at $3.8 milllions.
22-04-2004, 13:44
22-04-2004, 13:48
Granzi: My personal apologies for the vagueness, Each CV90 Company contains 16 Standard CV90s, plus 2 anti-air, 2 Recovery and 2 Forward Observation vehicles, totalling 22 Tanks. Therefore with two Companies you get fighting 44 Tanks.

A command vehicle thrown in for each company, giving you 46 CV90 vehicles in total.

We thankyou for your enquiry and hope you will make a purchase. We also welcome our elevation to Trusted Status and can also add you to our NGS list, giving you a 25% discount in this, and future, stores.

Ottoman Khaif: Your order of $3.8M is reduced to $3.42M for our oil/arms trade agreement, assuming that is still in place. We thankyou for your custom and will commence delivery immediately.

Juan Cortez
Rublic Relations Manager
Starblaydi Armaments Corp.
22-04-2004, 15:14
22-04-2004, 17:50
Thank you for your clarification. The Commonwealth will purchase 2 Light Armour Squadron Packages @ 450 million each for $900 million. With our 25% discount, the total comes to $675 million. Again, thank you.

Secretary Barlow

OOC: There might be a thread that would give us a chance for a military exercise. We would be honored if a joint operation would be made. The topic is Operation Ost.... *can't remember*. I will TG you soon.
22-04-2004, 17:53
This is the topic:
22-04-2004, 21:47
22-04-2004, 21:47
Your order is confirmed, our Squadrons are being dispatched and will arrive within 24 RL hours. Thankyou for doing business with us

OOC: I've got an order for you that i'll place when the servers allow me and I'd like the chance to prove my warez in battle :D

Juan Cortez
Public Relations Manager
Starblaydi Armaments Corp.
23-04-2004, 23:51
:arrow: BUMP
24-04-2004, 16:10
hi, my current little nation whilst high, decided we need some shiny things to play with...
could we have 1000 aug a1 rifles please @ 500 each = 50,0000
50 million bob marley says...
oh and that talking penguine agrees too

24-04-2004, 16:22
The nation of Vico is interested in buying 300 AUG-A1.
300 = 150,000 US Dollars.
Money will be wired inmidiatly after confirmation.
Thank you.

President Vicente Muñoz.
24-04-2004, 16:33
The Government of Falastur would like to purchase 100 Patriot launchers, with 10 sets of 4 missiles each, for home defense.

Total cost: $90,000,000

~~Money Wired Upon Confirmation~~
24-04-2004, 17:48
Dear sir, my nation wishes to purchase a few new items due to an unexpected wire transfer from The Kaiser of Upper Saxony of Cheese Co..
(Received: 29 minutes ago Well i could give you money.... Heres 20 billion dollars *money wired*)

I wish to buy..
--1 light armour squad for $450,000,000
--2 Rooikat AFV @ $2,400,000 per item each> 4,800,000 mil
--2 Rooikat AFV with tracks @ $2.5 million each> 5 mil
--2 HEDI (High Endoatmosphere Defence Interceptor) @ $100,000,000 per missile> $200,000,000
--3 Patriot PAC-3 @ $100,000 per four-pack of missiles. Launchers at $500,000 each
{600,000}> $180,0000

The grand total is> $661,600,000 The contribution money and my own kingdoms money will more than cover this amount, please telegram me saying if u want it in one go or if u do payment plans.
Also could you telegram me if my order is acceptable,

Thank you
24-04-2004, 17:53
Could I also add 800 aug a1 rifles to my order @ 500 each> $400,000
could you also add 200 crates of ammo if u do it, please add the ammunition cost to my overall telegram bill!

Thank u, money will be wired a.s.a.p. upon confirmation
The evil Pimpin midget
24-04-2004, 18:06
The evil pimpin midget would like to buy 4 HOI's for 2 billion, 5 Nightwings for 5 million, 2 CV packages for 31.1 million, 2 light armor squadrons for 900 million, 6 CSH2's for 90 million, and 6000 AUG-AI's for 3 million.

Please telegram me if my order is confirmed.
25-04-2004, 11:12
Dear all, I will respond properly in a few hours due to a lack of time at the moment.

Evil Pimpin Midget: Your 5 Nightwings will cost 5 hundred million, if you check
25-04-2004, 13:38
Asmodai the Slayer: 1000 AUGs @ 500 = $500,000 confirmed.

Your order is being shipped by Hercules transport and shall arrive within 12 NS Hours

Your $662,000,000 order (including the 800 AUGs) is accepted only because of your large increase in funds. The extra ammo crates you requested are free with such a large order. This has also been TG'd to you

Vico: 300 AUGs @ 500 = $150,000 confirmed Your order is being shipped by the same Hercules transport and shall arrive within 20 NS Hours

I'm assuming that each Patriot Launcher will have 10 missile packs, correct? If so, your order is confirmed and is being dispatched by cargo ship, arriving within one NS year.

Evil Pimpin Midget & Asmodai: Check your TGs

Juan Cortez
Public Relations Manager
Starblaydi Armaments Corp
25-04-2004, 16:01
The Commonwealth will purchase 2 Light Armour Squadron Packages @ 450 million each for $900 million. With our 25% discount, the total comes to $675 million. Again, thank you.

Secretary Barlow

Same thing. :)
28-04-2004, 16:40
Your order is confirmed, our Squadrons are being dispatched and will arrive within 24 RL hours. Thankyou for doing business with us

Juan Cortez
Public Relations Manager
Starblaydi Armaments Corp.

Same thing :lol:

:arrow: and a BUMP for good measure too
29-04-2004, 20:11
our goverments wish to purchase the following....

Rooivalk CSH2
@ 15,000,000 each x 1,500,000,000

please send us a confirmation order so u can get paid asap

we have more than enough to cover the price!!
29-04-2004, 20:19
Rooivalk CSH2
@ 15,000,000 each x 1,500,000,000


Is this an order for 100 helicopters costing $1.5 Billion, or is it for 1.5 Billion helicopters? Transmissions may be spotty and slightly garbled, due to solar activity, so please confirm your order so we can process it fully.

Juan Cortez
Public Relations Manager
Starblaydi Armaments Corp.
01-05-2004, 15:37
:arrow: BUMP
01-05-2004, 16:18
Calnah will order 500 Rooivalk CSH2 Helicopters.


Liam Aiden Bradford

Secondary mlitary hand
01-05-2004, 16:20
Your $7.5 Billion order is confirmed for 500 Rooivalks. They shall arrive within 4 NS months. We hope they will soon prove their worth in the skies over Papacy IV.

Juan Cortez
Public Relations Manager
Protectorate of Starblaydia
01-05-2004, 16:29
The Republic of Greece and Cyprus has faced threats from Zionist nations, we will need to arm.

We will purchase 10,000 Augs at 500 each, this will come to $5,000,000.
We will also purchase 2 Light Armour Squadron Packages.
01-05-2004, 16:41
Your $14M order is confirmed. Delivery shall be within 1 NS year, we also ask that you use these for defensive purposes only.

10,000 AUGs + 2x Light Armour Squadrons = 5M + 9M = $14M
04-05-2004, 16:36
:arrow: BUMP for the update
04-05-2004, 18:00
The Republic of Greece and Cyprus wishes to purchase

10 F-23S Nightwing @


To form the start of a new Homeland Security Fighter Group.

Expect payment in 2 installments, 1 this month, 1 next month. You can charge interest if you want to.
04-05-2004, 18:00
The Republic of Greece and Cyprus wishes to purchase

10 F-23S Nightwing @


To form the start of a new Homeland Security Fighter Group.

Expect payment in 2 installments, 1 this month, 1 next month. You can charge interest if you want to.
04-05-2004, 18:04
Your $1Bn order for 10 Nightwings with spread payment is confirmed, no interest will be charged. Your new planes and associated parts will be flying to your airfields in 6 NS months.

Juan Cortez,
Public Relations Manager,
Starblaydi Armaments Corp.
04-05-2004, 18:05
The people of the Republic thank you.
06-05-2004, 12:47
I would like to order 1 light squadron package for 450,000,000
06-05-2004, 14:55
Your $450M order for 1 Light Squadron Package is confirmed.

Your units shall arrive within 6 NS months. Thankyou for shopping with us

Juan Cortez,
Public Relations Manager,
Starblaydi Armaments Corp.
20-05-2004, 09:58
:arrow: bump-o-matic