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20-04-2004, 21:36
Inlanian upgraded Mig-21LITE

The Mig-21LITE is a Inlanian upgraded Mig-21 which can takeoff on shorter runways, and can carry upto 8 different types of air-to-surface and air-to-air missiles, which makes it good to use with the navy, and can even operate on some of the smaller types of aircraft carriers. It has amazing BVR (beyond-visual-range) capabilities. It can lock on targets upto 190 miles away. But firing missiles at a longer range reduce the missile probability of hitting down from 80% to only about 61%.

To make the plane more cost effective, the armour has been replaced by a much cheaper armour, making the plane vulrenable to bullets and it can also be detected on radar with great ease because the radio traffic transmitted from the plane if very loud, due to using old radio equipment to reduce the cost.

The Cost: $9 Million US.
20-04-2004, 22:10
the secretary of defense of the nation of gunowners wishes to know, where he can get them for the air force. he waiting for a reply in your oval office-
22-04-2004, 01:45
We are willing to supply your airforce with these migs as soon as you place an order on the number of aircraft your nation is wanting to purchase.
Crazy irish ppl
22-04-2004, 01:55
homes im gonna start a war so u ship em ill pay
24-04-2004, 00:34
Ok, we are preparing to ship 40 Mig-21LITE's to your nation. They will arrive in 1 NS year. The maintainance parts will also be shipped as soon as you pay the $360 million.