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Is there any future tech military packages?

Possessed Bunnies
20-04-2004, 18:20
OOC: I would like to purchase a future tech army, but I would like to do it in 1 package. Does any storefront offer this :?:
20-04-2004, 18:24
Might I suggest the International Mall Futuretech Department ( Several of our members have very good ground pacakges as well as ones for ships if you ever desire to expand your Navy.
20-04-2004, 18:29
The Federated Stellar Republics of Wormia would gladly be willing to negotiate a price for one of our most illustrious warships.

The Federated Stellar Republics of Wormia
Chancellor George Thomas IV
View Wormian Starships Here (
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Possessed Bunnies
20-04-2004, 18:31
Thank you. I will take a look.