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Negotiations between Embrelion Mountain & the Arda Allia

Embrelion Mountain
20-04-2004, 11:32
OOC: This begins the formal negotiations between Embrelion Mountain and the region of Arda in general and the nation of Melkor Unchained in particular.

IC: ArchSchnitz, leige lord and god of Embrelion Mountain, the God of Magic and Rage, Lord of the Seven Suns of Kirin Tor, the One who is Many bears greetings and salutations to the formidible and ancient Alliance of Arda, particularly to the Dominion and person of Lord Melkor, who may not be aware of me, though I know him from a time long distant.

Embrelion Mountain faces persecution of a type many within the Alliance of Arda will easily recognize, the prejudice of the un-sanctified against the practicioners of magic and the ancient arts. In its home region, Eurasian Blok, certain nations have begun an absolute purge of magic users, suppossedly revoking shipping licenses for Embrelion Mountain and threatening the allies of Embrelion Mountain with trade embargos and destruction of shipping lines should they accept or receive military aid from Embrelion Mountain.

As Embrelion Mountain's allies within the region have failed to provide support in this time of unneeded prejudice, we must turn to like-minded nations outside of our normal sphere of experience. In particular, we wish parley and treaty with Arda.

The terms we offer are such:

Embrelion Mountain will become a member of the Arda Alliance, maintaining its holdings in other regions but exerting a small influence upon the region of Arda either by means of an intermediary or colony within the region of Arda. This membership will grant Embrelion Mountain the right to move the totality of their holdings to Arda should the need arise, including both the nation of Embrelion Mountain and also the Disputed Territories of the undead nation of Stanteria and Environs.

Embrelion Mountain will, in tapping the Sea of Chaos within its current region, provide Arda with Elder Sorcerors and an ample supply of Amorphia stones to power these sorcerors.

Embrelion Mountain will offer preferred trade status with the region of Arda, offering the many plants and animals native to this land, as well as a great deal of slaves both of our own people and of captured barbarians gained during expansion efforts.

Embrelion Mountain and the region of Arda (and the nations therein) shall offer and freely exchange military support and assistance in the forms of, but not limited to, additional troops, provender and accoutrement, prepared vessels for ritual sacrifice and such alchemic and thaumatrugic radicals as are consumed during standard warfare, also other implements of war as needed by the signers of the treaty.

Embrelion Mountain will pay a fee to the nation and family of any foreign soldier lost in Embrelion Mountain's wars in the amount of 5000 feathermarks, and a two year family stipend of 500 feathermarks per year, provided the soldier is not lost while fighting against Embrelion Mountain.

These terms and such as are added by the region of Arda are the purpose, let all statements and thoughts be heard.
28-04-2004, 12:06