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Advanced combat BDU and AR program

20-04-2004, 05:09
Exham has begun research and development on the AMUS (Advanced Military Use System) for use in our military. We intend to equip special forces teams and other elite units initionally, and later on equip or at least use the technical gains of AMUS to make our army units more effective. The system is still in the test stages and years away from operation.

AMUS has two main parts, and below their expected ablities are listed:

The Suit:
A form fitting suit with flak protection in the chest, back and parts of the arms and legs. It maintains an internal temperature of 70 degrees and the temperature only rasies or lowers one degree per 10 external degrees. It has an added advantage of virtually nullifing a soldier's thermal signal.It has built in webbing. It has kevlar pads of the knees, elbows and groin. The helmet has a goggle system through which night vision is capable, has built in scrambled walkie talkies, allows the wearer to interface with the SGX-100's targeting and camera systems, and has an attachable gas mask.
The Gun:
The SGX-100(SuperGunExperimental-100) is chambered to 7.62 rounds, fed by a 36 round magazine. The gun is remarkable for its targeting inferface and cameras, with are feed to the AMUS suit via cords which plug into the gun. The gun has a camera on the end which allows soldiers to looks around corners without being seen, as well as an advanced 3d targeting reticule which can be displayed on the AMUS helmet visor. The camera has up to a x6 zoom capablity as well as a laser sensor to measure distance from the target. Everything the camera sees is recorded for later review. The fore grip can be removed to allow for a number of secondary weapons to be added to the gun(a number of promising systems are under development. Grenade launchers and shotguns are already developed for the SGX-100)

This amazing weapon system does come at a cost to Exham however, a cost estimated to total over 2 billion dollars by the end of the project. So only a small start has been made at 70 million, with 90 million yearly set aside for the project. Exham now reveals its offer, any nation which puts in 200 million or more buys production rights and will be kept informed at every advancement in the project.