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In its combat support role the Tiger uses a gun for short-range engagements, 68mm rockets at medium and long range and Mistral missiles to engage airborne threats. The helicopter is equipped with a turreted 30mm gun together with: either four Mistral missiles, 44 rockets plus four Mistral missiles, or 68 rockets. Only one weapon can be activated at a time. The combat support Tiger helicopter for the French Army (Tigre HAP) is equipped with a 30mm AM-30781 automatic cannon from Giat. Rate of fire is 750 rounds per minute. Tigre HAP also carries four Mistral missiles and two pods each carrying 22 SNEB 68mm rockets.

The Combat Support Tiger has a SFIM Strix roof-mounted sight, with a gyro-stabilised platform, infrared camera, charge coupled device television camera (CCD TV), laser rangefinder and direct optical sight.


In order to minimise the weight, approximately 80% of the airframe has been constructed of composite materials. The frames and beams have been fabricated from Kevlar and carbon laminates. Panels are composed of Nomex honeycomb material with carbon and Kevlar skins. The helicopter blades are of fibre-composite construction. Radar reflective structures and surfaces have been minimised.


Each cockpit is equipped with two multi-function colour displays supplied by Thales Avionique and VDO Luftfahrtgerate Werk GmbH, which display imagery from the gunner's sight, the FLIR and video image from the Dornier/VDO Eurogrid digital map generator.

The French Tigre helicopter has a helmet-mounted sight for both crew stations, and a head up display for the pilot, all supplied by Sextant Avionique. The German Tiger crew are equipped with BAE SYSTEMS integrated Day and Night Helmets.

Each crew station is equipped with a Control and Display Unit (CDU). Navigation, communications and system status are controlled via the CDU. The CDU includes a Data Insertion Device (DID), which is a removable memory pack preprogrammed with mission data at a ground station.


EADS (formerly DaimlerChrysler Airborne Systems) have received a contract for the EWS electronic warfare suite for the Tiger, which will include a radar warning receiver, laser warner, missile launch detector and evaluation system. This system will also be fitted in the NH 90 helicopter.


The navigation system contains two Thales Avionique three-axis ring laser gyro units, two magnetometers, two air data computers, BAE Systems Canada CMA 2012 four-beam Doppler radar, radio altimeter, global positioning system and a suite of low air speed sensors.


The Tiger is powered by two MTU/Turbomeca/Rolls-Royce MTR390 turboshaft engines rated at 960kW (1,285shp). Self-sealing crashworthy fuel tanks have explosion suppression and non-return valves


Design mission weight 5400 kilograms
Alternate gross weight 6000 kilograms
Length 14 metres
Height 3.81 metres
Wing span 13 metres
Hover out of ground effect (OGE) 3200 metres, anti-tank version
>>3500 metres, combat support version
Vertical rate of climb 5.2 metres per sec, anti-tank version
>>6.4 metres per sec, combat support version
Maximum rate of climb 10.7 metres per sec, anti-tank version
>>11.5 metres per sec, combat support version
Flight speed, armed 145 knots, anti-tank version
>>155 knots, combat support version
Cruise speed 124 knots
Design limit speed 161 knots, anti-tank version
>>174 knots, combat support version
Maximum range, internal fuel 800 km
Mission endurance 2 hours 50 minutes
Maximum endurance, internal fuel 3 hours 25 minutes
Agility: 40 degree angle of yaw after first second
Trigat missile range: 500 metres to 5 kilometres
Maximum air to air missile range: 5 kilometres Maximum autonomous
Target identification and engagement:5 kilometres
Maximum internal fuel capacity:1020 kilograms
Maximum internal plus external fuel capacity1575 kilograms

PRICE: $21,000,000.00


Witzgall's WRiK

Crew: 2 + 20

Engines: 2 * 1830 shp turboshafts [ MTU/Rolls-Royce/Turbomeca MTR322 or General Electric T700-T6E ]
Speed : Max 320 km/h
Rate of climb: 520 m/min
Endurance: 5 h 45 min
Weight: Empty: 5400 kg -- Max: 8700
Rotor Span: 16 m
Length: 20 m
Height: 5.75 m

Cost: $11,500,720.00 each
Production Cost: $3,000,000,000.00
Sales Rights: Negotiable.


Mi-28N "Havoc" Attack Helicopter

Specifications for the Havoc

Crew 2

Principle dimensions 16.85 x 4.81 metres
Main rotor diameter 17.2 metres
Height 3.82 metres
Length with revolving rotors 21.16 m

Normal takeoff weight 10,400kg
Maximum takeoff weight 11,500 kg
Weight of normal consumable combat load 638 kg
Maximum weight of consumable combat load 1,605 kg
Weight empty 7,890kg
Power plant Two TV3-117VMA each providing 2,200 horsepower

Maximum flight speed 282 km/hr
Cruise speed 260 km/hr
Hovering ceiling 3,450 metres
Service ceiling 5,750 metres
Range of flight at normal take-off weight 460 km
Ferry range with drop tanks attached 1,105 km
Antitank guided missiles Radio guided, launch range 8 km
Movable gun mount calibre 30 mm
Air launched rockets
Quantity 80 calibre 80 mm
Quantity 20 calibre 130 mm

Price: $22,000,000.00 each


Cougar Battlefield Surveillance Helicopter

Main rotor diameter 15.6 m
Tail rotor diameter 3.05 m
Overall width 3.86 m
Overall length, rotors turning 18.7 m
Overall height, tail rotor turning 4.92 m
Width of wheel track 3.0 m
Cabin, maximum length x width x height 6.81 x 1.8 x 1.55 m

Never exceed speed 278 km/hour
Cruise speed 262 km/hour
Ceiling 4,100 m
Range, standard fuel 842 km
Range, maximum fuel 1,176 km
Endurance 4 hours 20 minutes

Radar range 200 km
Ground area scan rate 20,000 square km in 10 seconds

Price: $19,500,000.00


W.A.R Helicopter (Witzgallian Attack and Reconassaince Helicopter)


Dash speed 176 knots
Cruise speed 165 knots
Vertical rate of climb 850 feet per minute
Maximum range 1,273 nautical miles
Endurance, standard fuel 2 hours 30 minutes

Engine type T-800-LHT-801 turboshaft
Maximum rated power 1,563 shaft horsepower, each

Weight Empty 8,792 pounds
Primary mission weight 12,632 pounds

Overall length 46.85 feet
Overall height 11.06 feet
Width tailplane 9.45 feet
Bearingless Main Rotor System
Construction composite
Diameter 39.06 feet
Disc area 1,1997.04 square feet
Blades 5
Fantail Anti-torque Rotor System
Construction composite
Chord 6.6 inches
Diameter 4.49 feet
Blades 8

Unit Cost: $26,000,000.00
Production Rights: $1,000,000,000.00
Sales Rights: Not Available.




Main rotor diameter 53 ft 8 inches
Tail rotor diameter 11 ft 0 inches
Overall length with rotors turning 64 ft 9 inches
Maximum height to top turning tail rotor 16ft 9 inches
Width fuselage 7 ft 9 inches

Empty weight 11,780 lbs
Mission gross weight 16,864 lbs
Maximum gross weight 22,000 Ibs

Two turboshaft engines General Electric T700-GE-701 C
Power 1,940 shaft horsepower
Transmission rating 3,400 shaft horsepower
Internal fuel 360 US gallons (1,360 litres)
External auxiliary fuel tanks on ESSS system 460 US gallons (1740 litres)
Endurance on internal fuel 3 hours 5 minutes
Maximum endurance with auxiliary fuel 7 hours 21 minutes

Maximum Cruise Speed at 5,000 ft 162 kts
VNE (not to exceed speed) 190 kts
Service ceiling 19,000 ft
Hover ceiling, out of ground effect (OGE) 10,600 ft
Maximum range at 5,000 ft304 nautical miles

Unit Price: $19,850,000.00



:ph34r: :ph34r: The W.A.S.P. Is available MUCH sooner than expected!! :ph34r: :ph34r:

Origin: Witzgallian Aerial Research Center, Division 22 in Orio.
Type: Stealth Attack Helicopter
Engines: Two 955shp W-HH Geffers
Dimensions:Diameter of five bladed rotor: 41.8 ft; overall length: 48 ft, 4 inches; Length of Fuselage/fin: 44 feet 1 inch.; height: 11 feet 3 inches.
Weights:Empty: 7570lb; primary mission 10,212lb; self deploy 17,756lb.
Performance: Max Speed: 342km/hr; with external stores: 310km/hr; vertical rate of climb: 8m/sec; self deploy range: 2,346km
Armarent: One 20mm twin-barreled cannon in turret under the nose with 600 rounds, rate of fire 1,800 rounds/min; reconnassaince mission, four AGM-114 Hellfire and four AIM-92 Stinger; maximum weapons load (int. and ext.)16 Hellfire or 20 Stinger.
History: Used in stealth tactics for unloading Special Operatives into highly dangerous situation in Witzgall. Used for the destruction of a terrorist communications center in Witzgall. (TG me if you bought it and used one for something and I will post here.)
User: Witzgallian Special Forces; Witzgallian Air Force.
Stealth Tactics: A radar 'snowstorm' which renders the enemies radar unusable; radio interceptor, which homes in on the enemie and monitors their radio speech and sends signals back to a designated target; LOPD, or Lock On Pulse Disabler, which can shut down an enemy Lock-On capabilities if they come within your Radar's range, but be aware: This can become hurtful to your Lock On System if used to much (recommended 3 times max per mission); Also, WASP employs visual stealth tactics such as variable camoflauge paint schemes, such as a smoothly shaped rotor head. Also has the capability to run semisilent by switching power equals.

Unit Cost: $24,300,000.00
Production Rights/Sales Rights: Telegram me for negotiations.

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