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CIVIL WAR - The beginning of the End

Swedish Dominions
19-04-2004, 20:05
Monday, 0500 Hours AM.
The President of the Republican State Union of Swedish Dominions

The President stepped up to the podium and shuffeled his papers

"Aheum, excuse me. Ladies and Gentlemen, the congress and I has decided to take military actions against the Militant Opposition Party; Free Dominions. They have killed the King, they have killed many civilians in their "Peaceful" demonstrations. They have also issued death warrants against the congress. We are mobilizing our army. They will strike at key-structures. Every nation that wishes to join us must fill out a contract."

Reason of Attack:
Relation to the SD:
Which Side will you join:
Other Comments:

"The Free Dominions are having a partisan army of 150 000 men and are holding 15 key-cities. If they use the suspected tactics, the SD army will be sitting ducks. Because they will use geurilla tactics. If they do, they'll hide in the massive forests. If we must, we'll burn them down with Napalm and chemical weaponry."

"The President turns to the Chief of the CIA, he runs down from the podium, the crowd is cheering."
19-04-2004, 20:25
Reason of Attack: Promote Peace, Prosperity and Security around the world
Relation to the SD: Nothing as of yet
Which Side will you join: SD's
Other Comments: We would gladly help aide you in detering Guerilla attacks. We have trained parts of our military to protect against this unconvetional warfare.
Swedish Dominions
19-04-2004, 20:43
Thank you, you help will be needed.
The Irish Isle
19-04-2004, 20:44
Swedish Dominions
20-04-2004, 14:48
20-04-2004, 15:01
Reason of Attack: Promotion of international stability, Promotion of International Security
Relation to SD: Fellow GDI member
Which Side: SD
other comments: any estimates for how many guerilla fighters there are?
Swedish Dominions
20-04-2004, 18:06
They have a fighting army of 150 - 200 000 men.

The political party has over 800 000 members.
Swedish Dominions
20-04-2004, 19:45