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Feles Industries Presents: GO-11 Tiger Standard MBT

19-04-2004, 19:52

The GO-11 Tiger Standard MBT project was conceived mainly as a training exercise for the newly emerging Feles Industries arms company and the main Praetonian arms manufacturer, General Ordnance (GO).

The Praetonian Government plans to buy 20 of these to use as training vehicles and later to equip militia divisions.

Design Principles:

This tank lacks many of the flashy features of most contemporary MBTs. It has no ERA armour and a conventional gun. It is not amphibious and completely lacks satellite communication technology.

However, this tank does have a unique computer-interface system making it very easy to use. It is constructed from basic, interchangeable components and does not require any overtly complex manufacture processes. This makes the tank very reliable, even in extreme combat situations (desert / arctic theatres), and even if it does break down field repairs are made quick and easy.

The tank also benefits from low fuel consumption and flexibility. It can be ordered in wheeled or tracked versions, or it can be ordered in a version that allows for an easy switich between the two.


Crew: 3 Commander / radio operator, gunner, driver

Armament: 120mm rifled gun with autoloader, 1 coaxial GO 7.62mm machinegun

Ammunition: 40 120mm rounds in autoloading mechanism, 20 120mm rounds on emergency racks, 2,000 machinegun rounds

Armour: 110mm hardened steel on front and turret
85mm hardened steel on sides
40mm hardened steel on rear and top

Weight: 25 metric tonnes (tracked, tracked/wheeled)
22 metric tonnes (wheeled)

Dimensions: 6m X 2.75m X 2.5m

Performance: 85kph on-road speed (tracked)
65kph off-road speed (tracked)
95kph on-road speed (wheeled)
55kph off-road speed (wheeled)

Fuel Capacity: 60 gallons

Range: 600km


• Low fuel consumption and long range

• Wheeled / tracked version available

• Able to be air-dropped

• Computer interface system makes tank easy to use even for barely-trained crews

• Mechanically reliable

• Easy to build and repair

• Auto-loader

• Rifled gun allows for better flexibility of ammunition – HESH and APFSDS rounds


The GO-11 Tiger Standard MBT is a fast, cheap and reliable vehicle that has a place in any modern army, even if just for training.

Its computer interface is easy to use - a fact proved in our trials where, time after time, crews of 3 randomly selected army recruits could learn how to drive the tank and fire the gun to a remarkable standard of accuracy in just two days with the on-board manual. (Trial tapes and report are available on request).

We also pride ourselves on the tanks reliability and ease of repair, where again in our trials only one tank out of 10 broke down in the one month period and the problem was easily repaired.

This is the perfect tank for:

• Equipping the army of a small country with a low budget

• Equipping a large, poorly trained army

• Equipping a militia force

• Use in training facilities

Unit Cost: 1,000,000 (1 million)
Production Licence Cost: 600,000,000 (600 million)
19-04-2004, 20:36
19-04-2004, 20:37
The Government of Falastur has decided it would like to purchase 100 of these tanks for extensive combat trials. Should we approve of these, you may expect more business later on....

~~Money wired upon confirmation~~
20-04-2004, 08:27
Confirmed, Falastur. First batch of 20 will be dispatched on arrival of the money, the remaining 80 will be dispatched on completion of manufacture in the next 3 (NS) months.

Thankyou for your order and we hope to do business with you again.
20-04-2004, 08:31
Feles Industries can now provide a picture taken of the wheeled version of this tank during our trials.

We would also like to inform our customers that the price shown above is for the wheeled/tracked convertable version. We have decided not to build a tracked only tank, the wheeled only model is available at a discount of 10%

edit:ooc: Even i you dont want to buy any could you comment on it to help imrove my future designs.
20-04-2004, 12:37
20-04-2004, 13:57
OOC: A few things
I would suggest stating your armor in terms of effective rating (measured in mm of RHA) rather than specific figures of thickness as on RL tankls this is almost never actually revealed (and it gets complicated as most armor these days is spaced and mixes numerous materials together).

Also a convertable motive system is going to be very very tricky and technically difficult as wheeled and tracked propulsion both use different gear box, tranmission, suspension and control systems.

but appart from that it seems a serviceable light tank.
North West Somerset
01-05-2004, 13:07
I would be interested in purchasing 50 of your wheeled only tanks for equiping my untrained troops for crushing rebellions and police work in my country. I do not want it for internationally significant work (you now what i mean).

A company in my country called the Ledwiche Atkinson ltd. who manufacture lorries are interested in purchasing the plans for the wheeled only versions electronic components. They hope to soon be starting a contract for export of or light tanks and are interested in purchasing the plans for the wheeled only versions electronic components. They do not currently have the technology to make all the parts for tanks, they will make the engine themselves. They hope they may be able to start a contract with them and hope you can supply them a suitable package. They request an estimate for the cost of plans soon.

~Money for 50 wheeled tanks wired on conformation of order and receipt~

DS of NW Somerset
01-05-2004, 13:12
The 50 tanks will cost $45,000,000 (discount for wheeled version), plans for the wheeled only version will be around $5,000,000.
North West Somerset
01-05-2004, 21:48
A lorry company called Ledwiche Atkinson ltd. have asked our government to contact Praetonians arms manufacturer General Ordnance (GO) to make a deal. They wish to purchase the technology for the weapons and very satisfactery computer interface system we have tested.

You gave an estimate of $5,000,000. They have offered to pay $3,750,000 for them plus 10% of their profits in the 10 days. If they make a loss or under $1,000,000 the government will pay out $1,000,000 instead (this is to support our developing industries, like France does).

Republic of North West Somerset

~$3,750,000 wired when plans are sent unless amount changes~
02-05-2004, 10:18
Ok well we'll sell the plans to you for 4,000,000, then we want 5% of each order.

IE. You make 100 and sell them for 100,000,000, we want 5,000,000.

Is that accpetable?
North West Somerset
02-05-2004, 10:38
Ledwiche Atkinson have spoken to us and decided that they are prepared to pay $4,000,000 plus 5% of their profits. We can only cover them for $500,000 though if they make under $1,000,000 total profits.

~$4,000,000 wired when plans are received~
Independent Hitmen
02-05-2004, 10:53
We wish to purchase 25 tracked versions. [tag for more later]

25 million USD will be wired to you when confermation is recieved.
02-05-2004, 14:44
Confirmed Independent Hitmen. the tanks will be dispatched by cargo ship immediately.
02-05-2004, 14:50
We would like to purchase 50 for £50,000,000. They will be used for our new: "Reservists Armored Battalion".
02-05-2004, 15:19
Praetonian Intelligence Agency HQ


"What is it this time?"

"We've detected explosions more explosions in the IMF!"

"Same culprite?"

"Most likely, sir. Hold on Ive got a news report from PNN... Dirty bombs sir! Greece and Cyprus are claiming responsiblity for the whole thing!"

"What? Why would they do anything that stupid?"

"I dont know, sir, but their MOD representitive is arriving in 20 minutes. He wants to buy tanks from us."

"Refuse the plane entry, deploy the emergency SAM system if they still try and land"

"Yes, sir!"
02-05-2004, 15:33

Intelligence Aid: We just receieved reports that our supposed to deal to form a Reservists Armored Battalion has fallen through.

Prez: Whaa!?

Intelligence Aid: Yes, it seems they didnt take kindly to the heroes of EOKA performing their glorius operation.

Prez: Thats it, prepare an EOKA unit, they will get what is coming to them!

Intelligence Aid: But our war, with Muslim Militants, should we no concentrate on that first?

Prez: Hmmm, yes, when that is over, we will go through with this!
02-05-2004, 15:39
Praetonian Intelligence Agency HQ

"Sir, don't you think we should be more on our guard, the Greeks probably wont take kindly to our refusal to sell them tanks, and you know what barbarous acts they are campable of..."

"Yes, Mr Farnbrough, that was the crux of my meeting with the Prime Minister. Now, I want you to close our borders to Greek nationals and organise Coastal Patrols of our beaches."

"But sir, Im just an aid..."

"Congratulations, Mr Farnbrough, you just got promoted. Head of Anti-Terrorist Police. I also want you to organise Emergency Plans in the event of an IMF-style attack and I want you to set up a no-fly zone around all major cities... its lucky all of our airports are at least 15 miles out. Thank God for the environmentalist Lobby."

"Yes sir, thankyou Sir. Ill get right on it!"

OOC: If you want to see what Praetonia looks like then go here
02-05-2004, 16:26