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19-04-2004, 19:08
19th April 2004

The Arabian Times.

International News:
Chinese border’s are now open for foreign nationals they are hoping for a God like state. United Alias has enacted to send troops into Gabon the situation is simple as the Gabon country is supposedly planning a “Dirty Bomb” attack. You will find more information at this link:
Last night, about seven hundred foreigners working in the World Trade Centre of Blargia were held hostage by about two hundred terrorists. All we know are that these men are deadly armed with really advanced weapons and stealth. They are also part of a really radical cult in which these people go against non-Blargians. They call themselves the Fimingrations. These men are against immigrants and they have been bombing non-Blargian native's homes. The men also hate Blargian born who's parents are not Blargian born. I just got some recent news. They have sent in there SWAT teams, but most of them are not there yet, NOTE: 200 of the hostages have been killed as of yet we don't know if there are anymore gunned down in there prime.
Here are the nationalities of all of the hostages:
1 Soviet Haagradian
45 Americans
8 Blargians (Remember, the Blargians are the SWAT team)
100 Sinoese (50 of them killed)
56 French
45 Canadian
67 Free Punks of Hindeberg
6 Burecians
200 Swedish Dominion (150 Killed)
5 Techmanians
The rest are either from Soviet China II or Falange Nerike

Regional News:
We are very happy to announce that a new nation ‘Arabi’ has joined United Arabia and I hope this leads for more active & exciting nations will follow in his footsteps. All of the major airports are now created and fully functional we are having record numbers of tourists and visitors to United Arabia and the Arabian mainline is now got 3 more days to go until being opened. We are having a special guest to snip the ribbon and declare it official opened…

Government News:
A new prime-minister has been appointed in ‘Arabi’ who will bring new and surprising activities for us ministers… And also we had a little mishap with the UN Delegate it appears as we voted Bree-Tonia Delegate, Lukk5 somehow became Delegate as our new nation 'Arabi' gave Lukk5 an extra endorsment. Whooooops!!!

We at United Arabia thank you for reading, The Arabian Times...
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