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The Emporer speaks!

19-04-2004, 17:35
OOC: This is another message in a long running Saga about the new Emporers of Aust's coming to the throne (Throgh devious means), wars with Nuevo Kowloon(Where he killed their entire population) his wars with Inderpendent Hitmen, Phyrric, that included, War with Credonia thread, The new reconing thread, Aust massicars Credonian citizens thread, The murder of an Emporer thread, The ARP breaks into open rebellion thread, Depose a Dictator thread. If you havn't joined join now.

The emporer sat upon the marbel throne of Aust in butiful Imperial palace that towared above the sprawling mass of Aust City as far as the eye could see. It was winter and in the arctic that means no light so the only light was from flame lamps. At his feet where two Nuevo Kowloonian slaves, naked and scared their backs scared from his whipping.
In the past month he had taken the throne of Aust, destroyed a nation, been invaded, come on the brink of a world war, legilised slavery and had had to have major sergury. One hell of a month, now it was over, the invadeders had been destroyed or fled and most oppersition to his reign had been defeated. Life was good.
An aide ran in, panting. "Sir, the latest message from the ARP, it's a biggy sir. It might get the other nations of the international community to attack again." The emporer read the message. It was not good.

----to all international nations that may help------

From: ARP
To: All nations
The ARP (Aust risistance party) has today declared war upon the emporer. Spoeaking from a secret fortress, the ARP leader made it clear hat he would not relent until the 'Child killing, slave taking, woman raping, nation attacking dark lord' was distroyed. He made a stirring speech, and has just given a ultimatium to the goverment.

1) The Emporer must step down.
2) Aust forces must withdraw from NK
3) Slavery must be made illigal.
4) Woman must be given equal rights
5) And apology will be given to NK

This has been refused and the goverment has said it will crush the rebles. The ARP are against the newest legislations and actions that the Emporer has brought in since he came to power 5 weeks ago.

1) Slavery is allowed and encouraged in all political prisinors, woman and foregign nationals. Slaves have no rights, must be tagged with a brand and wear only trausers and skirts.

2) All women are slaves and marryed women are given to their husbands. Unmarried women (Over 13) Are given 1 to every male (Over 13) Surples will be auctianed out as will male slaves.

3) Girls (Under 13) are taken from their mothers after 3 months and are taken to 'schools' where they are taught for 13 years how to keep house, plesure their men and hat men are superour.

4) The war against NK. For sheltering anti-emporer people the nation Nevro Kowloon has been attacked, over 500,000 have died and many more will do, within the last hour over 200,000 missiles have been launched as well as 30,000 chemical missiles.

5) The killing of the old Emporer. The new emporer has killed the old emporer (Emporer John, he was 13) and took his throne.

We ask for aid as we do not have the strengh to takje him on, if we win we shall reinstate the old royal familly and give women and slaves equal rights as well as pulling out of NK. But we need aid. We cannot win without you. Please help us.

Robert Obsquris
ARP Foregn minister

The emporer swore, if his people read this it could be the end of his reign. "Find the ARP, do whatever you can, just destroy them!"