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FeAmTe seeks for security and Diplomatic relationships!

Amarian Technocrats
19-04-2004, 16:46
The Government of FeAmTe has announced its worry towards intentions of Cult of Nishma, the rival that shares FeAmTe's Western border. Due many ideological quarrels, the political relationships between these countries have frozen and no-one know when they will get hot. Open conflicts are still far away as both countries are new and economicaly developing. But how long will these cold relationships stay?
Much has already been done by FeAmTe in order to resolve this quarrel beween cultist and them but with no success, because the cultists even refuse to talk about the matters!
But FeAmTe's president belives that things can still be sorted out with help of other nations.

Ambassadors will be send to other rival states in order to ask for military and political support. FeAmTe also announces that it has large lack of oil and other industrial material and it's willing to pay these materials with technology, and research.

They are also willing to gain access and relationships with other science and research communities.