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Principalities seek haven in Region Of Mercenary Lands

19-04-2004, 06:51
We have noted with much pleasure the emergence of the new chivalrous Orders of the Knights of Jerusalem, the Knights of Malta, and the Knights Templar.
We are desirous of merging our region with that of the region of Mercenary Lands, and as our region is just off the coast of Mercenary Lands, we're sure it would be of mutual advantage to the respective regions.


Prince Max Briggs of the Order of St. George
Prince Jean Luc Denauve of the Order of St. Stephen
19-04-2004, 07:03
Greetings from Xeraph!

We are honored to accept the august nations of the Orders of St. George and St. Stephen into the sphere of influence of the Xeraphian Federation. We would prefer you remain your your own region of Isla Christus as Mercenary Lands is home to the Kingdom of Xeraph, which is the governmental center of the XF, and as such is unable to accept any new nations in direct proximity to it.
We do, however, pledge support and protection to your region and all inhabitants, present and future.


Alaric, King of Xeraph, Protector of the XF, Master of the Knights Templar
19-04-2004, 07:27
His Majesty, Alaric of Xeraph,

Prince Deneauve and I extend our thanks to you for the support and protection of Isla Christus. We have sent messages to the other three nations/Orders of our region. Perhaps they too will join in our new alliance with the Xeraphian Federation.