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Tabakis War Closed RP Only New Avalon Members Allowed

19-04-2004, 05:14
The Republic of Manchoka hereby declares a state of war against the Republic of Tabakis. We request military assistance from The Allied States of Techn, in return for half of Tabakis.
19-04-2004, 17:31
The Foreign Ministry of the Allied States of Techn dispatches the following message to The Republic of Manchoka:

Respected Colleagues of Manchoka,

While we are aware of some of your troubles with The Republic of Tabakis, we are surprised at the war that came about because of it. Before the Allied States of Techn makes any firm decisions whether to confirm to go to war on either side, we wish to know how such a military endeavor will benefit our glorious country.

In return for this assistance we would also request free trade between our two countries. Also, since The Allied States of Techn has the largest standing army in all of New Avalon, a large navy, and the only space-forces as of yet, we would like complete control over this military operation if and when we join in this war.

We await your response.

Klamna Binra

Head of the Foreign Ministry
The Allied States of Techn
19-04-2004, 17:36
The Republic of Manchoka accepts your proposal of free trade in return for assistance. We believe that this will help both of our countries. However, in response to your request that you control all military operations, we respectfully decline. We would ask that you allow us to take part in the operation, as we would like a military presence in our half of the country.
19-04-2004, 18:58
General Schwarzenegger dispatches a message to the front:

The Allied States of Techn accepts your offer, and wasn't suggesting that you not participate in the battle. With our more mature armed forces, we would just help guide your own.

We are in the process of mobilizing five million troops to the border of our country and the Republic of Tabakis. We are standing by with our air-force. Our orbital assault platforms will be in place above Tabakis within the hour.

We await confirmation at your troops' readiness and integration with our own forces.

General Schwarzenegger
Leader of the 1st Armed Division
The Allied States of Techn
20-04-2004, 03:33
Deep in the Foreign Ministry a message is handed off to Klamna Binra. With all security measures in place, he reads it once and disposes of it. He activates his comm unit, a smile on his lips.

"Is Operation Mirror confirmed by General Schwarzenegger?" He asks, anticipation in his voice.

"Operation Mirror is a go sir. We are just waiting for the deployment of the Manchokan army to the border, then we can proceed."

"Good, Binra out."

Leaning back into his chair, Binra looked out his window into the capitol of Techn. Today was a good day...
20-04-2004, 05:07
We have dispatched 500,000 troops under General Schwarzenegger's control to the Tabakan border. We have also sent a small unit of special ops forces, 25 in number. They have their own commander, Colonel Margador. Their mission is to eliminate the leader of Tabakis, a one Vasili Tabakis. Their plan is to poison his supply of baklava, his daily treat. He will soon succumb to their tricks.
27-04-2004, 04:32
Deep in the undergound sex bunker the leader of Tabakis is pulled off an intern long enough to sign a document that was passed to him by B.I.G.G.G.E.R. the countrys 6 main corpoations (the real government). It was to be sent to Techn post haste. In all the confusion the leaders happy pills wore off and he took his rage out on the messenger who brought the letter. With two broken legs it was not possible that the messenger would make it up the 10 flights of stairs back the main war room. He gave the message to his intern to take back up to the war room and popped 5 more happy pills. Now he was alone. Just him, his dog, and the knocked out messenger boy. Yeah. He did what you think he did. Sick bastard.
27-04-2004, 04:46
"Mister Binra! The document has arrived!" an intern shouted, slapping the piece of paper onto the Foreign Minister's desk. He allowed the show of disrespect for the moment as he checked over the document. Seeing that it was all in order, he smiled.

"Give out the order to General Schwarzenegger, and send a message to the Republic of Manchoka..." He paused. "... also get some champaigne, I'm in a good mood."


At the border of the Republic of Tabakis, the Minister's message had gotten through. With little trouble, the troops from Manchoka, already surrounded by the superior Techn force had been disarmed and forced into temporary captivity.

A message was sent to the head of the Republic of Manchoka, the seal of both the President of the Allied States of Techn, and the leader of the Republic of Tabakis on the front.

"To the Republic of Manchoka, the government of Techn would like to inform you that the Republic of Tabakis has applied to become the newest state of the Allied States of Techn. Our government has accepted their proposal, and Tabakis is now considered Techn land. If you continue with your hostilities, we will be forced into a war with your people. We will release your troops sent to us as a sign of good faith once you retract your declaration of war."
28-04-2004, 02:08
28-04-2004, 02:08
The Republic of Manchoka demands it's fair share of Tabakis. This is not a choice. If we do not recieve our promised half of the country, as well as recognition in the region for our possession of the half, then we will be forced to resort to desperate measures in order to take what is rightfully ours.
28-04-2004, 03:23
In response to Techn's threats Manchoka launches its total arsenal of 72 nuclear weapons. The nukes will land within 23 minutes. Techn will be totally and utterly destroyed, along with our 500,000 men. It is a hefty price to pay, but war is hell.
28-04-2004, 03:42
God-modding... I believe this conflict is over.
28-04-2004, 04:07
The Nation of Manchoka hereby resumes war on Techn. We demand the return of our 500,000 soldiers as well as the half of Tabakis that we were promised in our pre-war agreement. Should we not recieve our demands, combat will be necessary.
26-05-2004, 03:14
This is a reminder that any transaction relating to war or trade that happens in a post must be recorded in the messageboard to count. It cannot be done through conversation or instant message because there is no record of it for other members of the region to know. As in real life, any country on a continent would know if their neighbor is in a war. Everyone must be kept in the loop.
26-05-2004, 03:35
For our forum, I have been instructed by Dr. Hobo of The Free Land of Hobopia the correct way of role playing. The post must be written like a portion of a story. Take The Allied States of Techn's example with the way his posts show the messenger bringing the note and the president reading them. They should not directly address the other country as if two leaders are talking to each other. People should be able to read the posts like a sotryline, not like a dialogue of a play.
27-05-2004, 16:56
The Foreign Minister Binra reads the Manchoka ultimatum with a snort of derision. He was not the type to let go of a profitable new area of Techn, the first new state in over 200 years accepted into the Alliance of former barbaric regions. Bringing up his computer display from his desk, he types a response to the leadership of Manchoka.

"While the Allied States of Techn did agree to help you in a war against Tabakis in return for land and trade, no war actually occurred against Tabakis, now the newest state of Techn. Thus the agreement between our two nations was nullified, the necessary clause of the land transaction hinged on military action being taken against the former country by both of ours.

"The new incorporated state of Tabakis will stay a part of Techn. If the country of Manchoka wishes for land or anything else, you must strike a new deal as the old one is null and void.

"In regards to your troops, which are being held with the utmost respect and humanity, we will be happy to return them to their native lands as soon as your country ceases hostilities towards our own and agrees to stop all current and future military assaults on Techn and all of its states."

Binra sent the message to the foreign ministry of Manchoka, then quickly sent a note to the military branch informing them of the current situation. He noted without too much surprise the military awareness level had been raised and patrols around the border had tripled since Manchoka's announcement. Elements of the fleet, both naval and space had also suddenly gone on "maneuvers" since the message had been sent...