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Attention all Invaders, Counter Defence Initiative is formed

CDI Representative
19-04-2004, 04:45
All across Nationstates there exists large, well organized defence networks designed to funtion against invaders. At the same time, invaders are finding it increasingly hard to attack due to increasingly tighter restrictions set by the mods. It is time a new alliance be formed, one that cannot be torn apart by political dispute, to assist the invaders of Nationstates. (an indangered species)

The CDI was created to counter the large Defence Networks of Nationstates. This organization will be made up of member invader regions. This organization will remain dormant for 21 days from today. (Apr 18th). Upon activation, this organization will commence operation against all Defence Networks.

The Counter Defence Initiative is an offensive alliance designed to assist regional invasions that are being thwarted by efforts from Defence Networks.

If any invasion attempt by a member region is challenged by a Defence Network such as the ADN, the Counter Defence Initiative will alert other member regions of the attack, to bring reinforcements.

Already the CDI has in place Spies within the high levels of several of the major defence networks across nationstates.