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A Separate Peace

18-04-2004, 18:31
The people of Goobergunchia had not experienced war previously, and they did not like their new experience. As casualty reports from the south of Goobergunchia pored in, a greater and greater discontent arose within the populace regarding the Allanean war. The prevailing opinion in Goobergunchia was that the war should never have been fought, and that the nation should withdraw from any requirements that it go to war on somebody else's request. Furthermore, the existence of Goobergunchian territories outside of its native land, especially -The Prophet-, came under great scrutiny

And so President Goobergunch transmitted the following message:
[code:1:9b86b4e9ac]DIPLOMATIC COMMUNIQUE
From: President of Goobergunchia
To: President-For-Life of Allanea
We would like to negotiate a separate peace and are willing to discuss terms immediately.
18-04-2004, 18:49
From:Alexander Kazansky, Allanean President-for-Life
To: President Goobergunch of Goobersgunchia.

Here are my terms:

1)Accept that -The Prophet- will become, from now on, an Allanean Province.

2)Forbid all UNAPS use of your territory as bases, airfields etc. to harm Allanea.

If you do that, the peaceful nation Allanean will not only cease all action against you, but also protect you from the UNAPS aggressors, if need be.
18-04-2004, 19:27
[code:1:f35f821448]DIPLOMATIC COMMUNIQUE
From: President Goobergunch
To: President-for-Life Kazansky
These terms are acceptable to us. However, we would like to make a formal treaty that could be ratified by the High Council, thereby giving it the force of law in Goobergunchia. We propose the attached text - if you have any recommended changes, please tell us; otherwise, we are willing to sign.

The High Contracting Parties of the Liberal Unitary Republic of Goobergunchia and the Free Republic of Allanea do hereby ordain:

Article I. The Holy Goobergunchian Puppet of -The Prophet-, currently an autonomous territory of the Liberal Unitary Republic of Goobergunchia, shall, effective following the ratification of this treaty, become a province of the Free Republic of Allanea.

Article II. No military installation of the Liberal Unitary Republic of Goobergunchia may be used for hostile action against any member of the Democratic Underground region without such action being sanctioned by the regional government, vested in the nations of the region, of the same.
18-04-2004, 19:42
From: Alexander Kazansky, Allanean President-for-Life
To: President Goobergunch of Goobergunchia

We accept your treaty as written.
18-04-2004, 20:16
And so the treaty was presented to the High Council for ratification.

After a rather nasty debate, there were 4 major factions in the High Council:

The Warhawks (6) - oppose any concessions to Allanea.
The Concessionaries (47) - support the treaty in full
The Nationalists (36) - oppose giving away -The Prophet-
The Internationalists (11) - oppose pulling out of UnAPS

President Goobergunch was able to call in political favors, and the treaty was approved 51-49. However, public disapproval of the treaty was rising, and the President was out of bargaining chips....