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Gloobenland Legalizes All Drugs...

18-04-2004, 18:27
Recently, the leader of Gloobandland, had a citizen vote for whether drugs in Gloobenland should be legalized or illegalized. After the vote, the majority of citizens voted on legalizing all drugs.
"Personally, i am outraged" said one mother. "What kind of message is this sending to our kids?"
On the other side, one man said "it is better this way, we take all the money away from the drug war, and spend it on rehabs, so the people who become addicted can get help".
The decision was made that marijuana, alcohol, mushrooms, and hash would be sold in coffee shops around the country, and drugs like heroin and cocaine would not be sold on a legal market, but users would not be arrested.
Who knows what kind of change this will make in Gloobenland, but whatever happens, Gloobenland will always be a country that Liberal Minded people love, and Gloobenland will always be as free as possible.
Comite Scheef
18-04-2004, 18:50
I just want to say if your country ever has a shortage of soft-drugs my country will be glad to help. Please buy some of our stash we can use some economic help.

Sincerley yours

The President of The republic of Comité Scheef