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Civil War in Calaria

18-04-2004, 16:32
OOC:I found a "better" government(That means I liked it more) than the old one.Oh,and Calaria is now a semi-fantasy,semi-space nation
The Valaraukar dotted the land like burning ants.Hundreds,thousands of the Old Flames poured out of the abyss in the ground that would be come to known as the Black Chasm.The fire-lords swept across the land,killing all that they saw.Green grass and high trees were burned and reduced to scorched earth wherever the Flames of Udûn walked.
Lastly,came the fire-king himself.
King of flames,bearer of the fire of the Black Pit.Wielding his mighty fire-ax,the lord of flames stampeded across the land,roaring like thunder and lightning,and burning like black fire.At last,on a scorched hill-top,he roared loudly and evily,and then shouted out to the world;
"Feeble mortals!We,the Valaraukar have come to claim this Earth,to regain what is rightly ours,what has been denied us for millions upon millions of years,what has been kept just out of our arms' reach while we were imprisoned beneath the skin of the Earth.No more!We will rule this world again,and kill every single mortal that dare defy us!Ash nazg durbatulûk, ash nazg gimbatul ash nazg thrakatulûk, agh burzum-ishi krimpatul!Death to the heathens!"
Cheesy entrance,I know,but I needed something
Anyway,here is a piccy of Gothmog/the Valaraukar: it remind you of anyone?:wink: )
Just so you know,they're about 12 feet high,and (almost) immortal unless slain in battle(Meaning,no death of diseases,sickness,old age,but they can die if they,for example,fall in a lot of water((IE,lake,river,sea,ocean,etc.))or if a REEEEALY big rock falls on them,or something like that) :)