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Missing Nation Returns...sort of...

18-04-2004, 15:01
As published in "The Internation Libel" April 18, 2004


by Evelyn Lemonjellow

Today the world was shocked to discover the long vanished country of Randomiza has somehow reappeared in the South Pacific. However, it appears the country has undergone a few changes since it's disappearance.

The nation is now known as the Disputed Territories of TheBigBagODice, a name which is hardly surprising as Randomiza's entire governmental policy was determined by the official emblem of the office of the Supreme Dictator; The Big Bag O' Policy-Making Dice. Other changes include the change of the national currency to the Die, and the national animal to the sponge.

Some things however, remain the same, according to Admiral Amanda Riptide, TheBigBagODice's Minister for Border Defense and Naval Blackmail.

"Erin Mills is still the Supreme Dictator, I am still in my old position, and the Big Bag O' Policy Making Dice is still the preferred way of deciding all political issues. However, when we decided to make our reappearance, we consulted the dice which determined a change was needed before we did so."

When asked what caused Randomiza's disappearance last year, Adm. Riptide responded "The entire project has been declassified, so we can report that our disappearance was an unfortunate byproduct of an attempt to create the worlds first fully submersible nation. While we succeeded in bringing our country below the ocean's surface, we were unable until recently to return it there. On the other hand, we do now have enough fish to last us through several famines."

Other members of TheBigBagODice's cabinet include: Vice Dictator and Dictator of Vice Alvin Hotpants; Geoffrey Furtive, Minister of Intelligence, Stupidity, and All Around Sneaky Antics; Lucrezia DeGavell, Maximum Procounsel of Extreme Justice; and J. Francis Weaseltrousers, Director in Cheif of the BBOD Office of Investigation, Intimidation, and All Around Buttinskis.


[OOC note: as an assurance to the moderators, I can vouch that I was the owner of Randomiza when it was an active nation, unfortunately I wasn't able to keep up with it until recently.]