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Hirgonia Exestimus - A new Empire

18-04-2004, 14:43
The True Empire has arrived.

Join us and reap the rewards of a great Collective.

All nations who wish to join The Empire must follow the principles and rules layed down by the Empire:

1)All member of the Empire must not be members of the UN, or any other organisation that requires your loyalty or alligence. The UN is the cancer of an Empire.

2)All nations must swear an Oath Of Alligence to "The Empire". Loyalty to the Empire must be unconditional. Traitors will be executed on sight and there family name disgraced within the Empire.

3)20% of each nations population will be conscripted into the Imperial Forces. This Army will be trained as Imperial Soldiers and will protect every nation within the Empire. The Imperial Forces are trained and led by the Nation of Reyu, and the supreme commander of the forces is the leader of Reyu, Supreme Imperial Commander Feanor. Feanor is the utmost ruthless soldier ever trained and has single-handedly protected the alliance of Reyu and Hirgon for many generations.

4)To become a member of the Empire you the leader of your nation must have complete control over the running of your government, Elections and democratic voting must be outlawed and private enterprise must not have any influence over the government.

To Join the Empire TG The Empire Of Hirgon, Notice of acceptence will be sent via TG.

All hail the Emperor!!!Long live the Empire!!!