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Military Dictator Opposed by PRM

18-04-2004, 10:59
OOC// I got some cool pics, and I’m bored of a monarchy already, so I’m gonna change. Again. This time, NO nukes, no massive war.

According to The Peoples Revolutionary Movement (PRM) an Autocracy/Liberal type movement, is claiming that mister Chukiov is a militaristic dictator. At 0900 hours this morning, their fears were recognized when Chukiov seized every city in the country and fortified it with armour and elite units. Chukiov is claiming he is reinforcing the garrison of every city – as of a growing threat to all PRM “propaganda”. However, all military units oversees have been withdrawn and are coming back to “defend the homeland”. The PRM have taken this as a way for Chukiov to continue to gain power. Again, the following morning at 0900 hours, Chukiov made this statement.
“I have a very sorry statement to give you. The Queen, and the whole royal family, have died, three hours ago. In her dying moments, the Queen told me that I was too look after the nation, and make it what its former glory was. I will do this. After your mourning, you will not proceed to your normal jobs. You will return to the work centre, and be issued with a new job, probably agricultural or industrial. We need to work the economy friends, and only with increased productive jobs this will happen. Do not question friends, do!”

Anyone that has resisted has been incarcerated. So called “Farms” are surrounded with barbed wire and patrolled, and are more like labour camps. With the whole nation Involved in economical jobs, the economy should skyrocket. However, with this blatant provocation of civil and political rights, the PRM are resisting. At Hills 246, 247, 248, and the rather large hill 249 have been garrisoned and heavily fortified. They are surrounded by a fast flowing river, with one bridge. The town inside the river has been captured, and is held by PRM forces.

Defences are high, numbering around 19,000 determined PRM rebels holding around 40 AA flak guns and 50 AT guns. They are fortified with an additional eighteen SAM launchers. However, PRM forces are badly outnumbered and outgunned. It is known they are using old-era weapons like Lewis Guns, Bren Guns, Lee Enfields, Sten Guns, PPSH, SKS Simonovs, Tokarev 98’s, and with a miniscule amount of tanks. Reconnaisance has numbered around 180 T34’s, twenty Canal Defence Lights, about ten 120MM Long Range Heavy Guns, and something within three abrams and a challenger two. These are pitted against 4.5 Million (when everything is returned) Imperial Troops, and 12,000 Heavy Imperial Tanks – the PRM is a small group, and is already under attack. However, ALL attacks have been unsuccessful, with heavy Imperial losses against PRM troops.

1000 Hours: Tuesday:
They’ve begun the assault. Our small bridge force numbers only four hundred, and we’re up against 2500 Imperial’s, supported by tanks. Ive done some shooting with my Enfield, but I’m not a great shot. My mate, Roger’s, has a Lewis Gun, but he’s gonna die probably. Defending the second bunker against the Imperial’s – lucky, I’m on the front line. We’ve got ONE AT gun, against probably 100 Enemy tanks. Us ourselves have two tanks, an abrams and a canal defence light, mainly an AA tank. I myself is garrisoned by the weapons stash. We got some automatic’s, but mainly rifles.

1200 Hours: Tuesday:
Ive just gone time to write this, but dear diary, god you’ll be pleased. We’ve killed around one hundred and fifty imperial’s, and weve lost about ten soldiers! We haven’t seen any tanks yet, but ,

20:00 Hours: Tuesday
Diary, that was hell. We were swamped by Imperial troops, and although they are many, we have won. Their first group, 1000 troops has retreated! We routed them. I got some pics from my mini camera, but ill stick em on later. I tell ya, they took out the gun, and now we are in a bad position. We were forced to use Panzerfausts to take out T72’s! Well, I wont keep you longer, but I must say we’ve lost more than half of our group, but we still hold the front of the bridge!
We’ve only got about fourty panzerfausts left!
I bagged a tank with a grenade! Sheer luck though I guess
18-04-2004, 14:11
19-04-2004, 06:37
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OOC: what game is the pics from?
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