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In the office of Soviet President Jonathan Evansen

Big Long Now
18-04-2004, 08:07
The cold night air slips through the window, Jonathan shivers as he converses with his general, Max Grodeman..

Evansen: It's an awfully cold night, especially for April - it reminds me of when I was growing up in North Beltal, there it only got warm in July and August, we had our jackets on until May.

Grodeman: (laughs) Yeah, my uncle lived up there, I would visit him around Thanksgiving - I'd swear you Beltallans had blood as thick as tar! I could never live there after living down south for most of my life.

Evansen: I can most definately understand that, I would have melted in the south. (lights a cigarette)

Grodeman: You know those damn things will kill you, my grandfather died from them at 65, he smoked right to his death bed.

Evansen: (chuckles) And yet you still smoke?

Grodeman: I'm trying to quit, these patches don't give enough juice.

[b]A Soviet intelligence officer walks in and salutes Grodeman and Evansen, and proceeds to speak.

SIO: Mr. President, General, satellite images are showing that the United Liberty Faction could be gearing up for war. We've got images of carriers with jets on deck, and what looks like missiles being moved around on the decks.

Grodeman: But we've got a peace treaty with them!

SIO: We can't be certain, this could be just a military drill, but we can't get any confirmation from the ULF administration - they aren't telling us much.

Evansen: General, how long will it take to get a stealth jet up in the air to get us some photographs of the area?

Grodeman: About thirty minutes, but ---

Evansen: Then let's fuel one up and get her in the air!

Grodeman: Sir, if the jet gets spotted from the ground we'll be in violation of the no fly zones from the treaty, and we'll be handing them the authority to attack us with that.

Evansen: What do you recommend we do?

Grodeman: I think we should keep satellite surveillance our top intelligence source - we need to try and contact the president and see what is going on.

Evansen: Then that's what we'll do. Officer, maintain the surveillance and get someone to try to get me on the line with President Anderson, and let me know the instant there are any changes in what their military is doing.

SIO: Yes sir.

Grodeman: Dismissed, Officer.

The SIO salutes the general and president, and speedwalks out of the room.

Evansen: I hope you know what you're doing Max, I really do.