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USSNSR anounces plans to revitalize naval forces.

Neo-Soviet Russia
18-04-2004, 04:58
With the growing position of the United Socialist States of Neo-Soviet Russia on the world stage the need for a modern, well structured naval force has arisen. With this, the USSNSR is open to see all proposals for vessels and possible pre-designed task forces.
18-04-2004, 05:03
Izistan wishes you luck. We are also planning a retro-fit of our Navy.
Soviet Haaregrad
18-04-2004, 06:02
CV 1
HNS Amon Amarth (Mount Doom) class Aircraft Carrier

Displacement (tons): 71 950 tons
Speed (kts): 42 knots
Dimensions (m): 270 meters (900') long overall
260 meters (853') long at waterline
35 meters (115') beam
70 meters (230') width overall
9.5 (31')meters draft

Propulsion: 6 gas turbines, 4 screws
Crew: 1 000 + 900 air arm

Control Systems: Combat Information Center
Aviation Combat Information Center communications suite including satellite communications
3 Palm Frond Navigation
Fly Trap B Aircraft Control

Radar: 1 LR-710 Top Plate 3D Air/Surface Search
2 MR-320 Strut Pair 2D Air/Surface Search
8 TR-909 Roland SA-11 Fire Control
6 MR-360 Cross Sword SA-12 Fire Control
4 LR-440 Hot Flash SA-16 Fire Control

Sonar: 1 LS-24 Bloodhound search and attack sonar [medium and low frequency bands]
2 MS-345 Bronza Yoke hull mounted Sonars

ECM: 2 ECM-556 Cloaker ECM system

Missiles: 24 SA-11 Archer short range SAM system VLS cells
2x18 SA-12 Adder medium range SAM system VLS cells
2x12 SA-16 Ghosthunter long range SAM system VLS cells

Guns: 6x40mm AA cannon
6x25mm GAU-25-5 CIWS
Anti-Submarine Warfare: Udav-1 ASW system


Belt: 8"
Deck: 7"
Conning Tower: 8"

Air Wing:

Fighter: 24 F-33G Sniper fighter aircraft OR 24 F-27A Manta Ray fighter aircraft, 12 FV-27C Manta Ray V/STOL fighter aircraft
Attack: 24 A-24D Avenger tactical strike aircraft
ASW: 4 S-24A Avenger ASW aircraft, 4 SH-27(Ka 27) Killer Whale ASW helicopters
Other: 2 E-24B Avenger AEW-C aircraft, 2 EA-24D Avenger ECM aircraft
Total Air Wing: 72 Aircraft, 68 fixed wing, 4 rotary wing


The HNS Amon Amarth class multirole aircraft carrier is designed to support landing operations and escort convoys. It features a thru-deck ramp and magapult(elctromagnetic catapult) system and also two magapult on an angled deck. The carrier is designed for quick turn arounds for aircrews, and is capable of landing and launching aircraft at the same time. The carrier has two elevators on the starboard side to take aircraft from their hangers to the deck. The ship is designed to engage airborne, surface and subsurface targets with equal ease. Anti submarine capability comes from the Udav-1 integrated anti-submarine system with 60 anti-submarine rockets. The hull is normally coated with Radar Absorbant Polymer Tiles, which significantly reduce radar signature. The ship took two years from conception to final build, and had a total cost of $3 billion.
18-04-2004, 06:28 (
18-04-2004, 07:48
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