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Azerio Plunged Into Civil War

18-04-2004, 01:16
-Yto, Azerio-

At approximately 6am this morning, Azerian soldiers from the 6th Army under the Command of Brigadier General Johnathon Goolesby, believed to be on manueuvers, were seen moving towards the city of Yto, roughly two hundred miles from the capital city of Borru. Confused, elements of the Yto police force approached the advancing soldiers so as to ascertain their purpose in the area. When confronted, the Azerian soldiers fired on and killed the officers. Following this incident, three full Brigades of rebel soldiers, comprised of heavy infantry, tanks, and assault helicopters advanced on the city, meeting no resistance whatsoever. Within an hour the city of over half a million people fell under rebel control.

At the same time, explosions were visible in the morning sky from several key Air Fields throughout the nation, made by satchel charges afixed to grounded planes. Their forces in disarray, the soldiers stationed at said bases were quickly overrun by soldiers of the 6th Army. Again, within an hour the base fell, leaving twenty planes destroyed, another forty captured, and nearly one hundred dead Azerian soldiers.

-"Mr. President, we have a serious situation in Yto"
-"Define serious"
-"The 6th Army, apparently in rebellion, has seized it"
-"How much of the city to they control?"
-"All of it."
-"Get General Garrison's birds in the air, force them back!"
-"General Garrison isn't answering sir, we believe his forces to have come under rebel control."
-"Put all military on full alert, and prepare the Navy for sail."

Hours later, elements of the 13th Armored Division approached Yto in an attempt to oust rebel troops from their positions. Just as it appeared as though the rebel soldiers would be forced to retreat, the Azerian 22nd Armored Division came up on the flank of the 13th's troops. Believed to be friendly combatants, government soldiers made no moves against the rapidly advancing troops. Once in range, the 18th AD assaulted government positions and, with 6th Army forces attacking from the front, forced the surrender of nearly 2,000 government-loyal troops. General Goolesby has claimed marshall law over the city and is currently creating defensive positions for his 100,000+ force.

That night, fighting broke out in nearly a dozen cities across the country as local militias attempted to hold back the slough of looters, gangsters, and other miscreants armed with automatic weapons looking to capitalize on the nation's current state of panic. However, the militias proved ineffective as many of their own men joined the bands of roaming criminals and were quickly overrun.

In an attempt to restore order, President Vittorio ordered the deployment of the 1st, 7th, and 8th Armies to stop the violence. However, en route to the cities in question, each unit came under heavy fire from bands of local soldiers of fortune and were forced to halt their advance to care for their wounded and dying. They are not expected to reach the city for two days at the earliest.

During a message to the nation this evening, Vice President Alfred Quentin described the agressors in Yto and other cities as "traitors" and "criminals", whom in a "desperate grab for power, have disgraced the freedom-loving people of this country." He further called for all "true sons and daughters of Azerio" to rise up and repel the insurgents. President Vittorio has been evacuated to a secure location that has not been disclosed to the media for obvious reasons.

More to come....
Free Pacific States
18-04-2004, 01:42
18-04-2004, 01:52
-This Just In-

A conglomerate of armed men have seized the National Armory in Justu, Azerio. The armory is home to nearly 100,000 small arms, including rifles, pistols, submachine guns, machine guns, grenades, and rocket launchers. Additionally, the facility is home to nearly one million rounds of ammunition of varying calibers. It is at this moment unclear as to the afiliation of the men in question, but it is certain that they are a part of the nation-wide uprisings against government forces.
Free Pacific States
19-04-2004, 15:15
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19-04-2004, 15:56
The Government of Falastur is disturbed at this recent outbreak of events, and offers the Government of Azerio and support they need. We offer for combatting this new threat, an army of 500,000 soldiers, with several times that number available to be sent in in support. We await your decision on what to do.
19-04-2004, 16:01
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