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Operation Spice loard (koiian takeover of the indian ocean)

18-04-2004, 00:29
18-04-2004, 14:42
The planes had returned with no news of millitary forces so the Sea Turtle carrier squad stopped sending out escorts with the O-15s.
The commander of the Sea Turtle carrier squad called the Squirrel Airborne temporary base and told them to "move in now we'll give the support."

Soon the A-20 Shockers and A-24 Maelstroms were taking off on escort duty from the Pride of Koiian and from the Sea Turtle there were B-4 Implosions coming off to drop supplies.
The Fedral Union
18-04-2004, 14:53
:shock: uhhh you have to be insane hundreds of nations have Intrest in that area i have 10 bases there securing my trade routes please cease and dessit or we'll have to take "other mesuers to presuade you to stop" imdeaitly