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Aircraft Shot Down off the Mestionian Coast

17-04-2004, 23:45
-April 17, 2004-

Representatives of the Mestionian Navy held a press conference this morning to discuss the events of three days ago involving the reported downing of an aircraft by Navy fighter planes. According to Vice Admiral George Mann, Deputy Fleet Admiral of the Mestionian Navy, a "high altitude, fast-moving craft, of considerable size" was detected flying in the vicinity of Zimmerman Army Base, less than one hundred miles from the Mestionian capital city of Cape May. When attempts to contact the craft failed, two MF-45 Sea Dragons were launched from the aircraft carrier Dauntless to intercept and ground the plane.

When the two Mestionian pilots approached the subject, the plane took evasive action, ignoring signal lights shot by the MF-45's ordering her to land. As the suspect plane attempted to leave the scene, she nearly rammed Lieutenant Ryan Fan's Sea Dragon. Fearing the plane might be armed, Lieutenant Fan fired one AA-12 Hornet missle at the offending aircraft, destroying it in mid-air.

When questioned, Mestionian officials could not give any explanation of the origin or nature of the plane destroyed, but assured reporters that they stood by the decision made on the part of Lt. Fan in destroying the aircraft. Salvage teams have been sent to the approximate location of the incident to try and recover any evidence that may indentify the plane's origin and destination.