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TWAAM-1 Missle for sale!

17-04-2004, 22:28
The Theater-Wide Air-to-Air Missile-One is a missle designed not for fighters, but for tankers, bombers, and command and control aircraft. It is designed for extreme ranges, allowing the aircraft to defend its self without the need for fighters, eleminating the need for an escort, reducing the cost of operating a bomber/tanker/C&C aircraft.


-1st Stage-
Range: 600 nautical miles-690.5 miles-1,111 kilometers
Maximum Speed: Mach 2
Engine: Pulse Detonation Engine
Extra: The radar on the attached ASRAAM missle will pick up targets; one could fire this missle and let it find its own targets, however far off of the radar they may be. For command and control aircraft, however, this is not such a problem. This stage is essentialy a modified Tomahawk missle.

-2nd Stage- (ASRAAM missle, RL British missle)
Range: 300 m to 15 km
Speed Mach 3
Propulsion One dual-thrust solid-propellant rocket motor
Guidance strapdown inertial and Imaging Infrared
Warhead 22.05 lb ( 10 kg ) blast/fragmentation
Launch Weight 220.5 lb ( 100 kg )
Length 8 ft, 11.5 in ( 2.73 m )

Cost: $1,125,000
Independent Hitmen
17-04-2004, 22:34
We would like to order 125 of these for testing purposes. Funds will be delivered as soon as confermation is recieved.
17-04-2004, 22:37
"The order has been confirmed, your order comes to a cost of $140,625,000. THe missles should arive shortly"

Ralph Davis
Defense Contractor
Independent Hitmen
17-04-2004, 22:41
Funds have been transferred. Thank you.
Independent Hitmen
17-04-2004, 22:41
Funds have been transferred. Thank you.
17-04-2004, 23:15
18-04-2004, 03:00
I would like to purchase 350 of these for aggressive negotiations.
Captain JamesT Kirk
18-04-2004, 03:03
The missile is too slow, F-15s and MiG 25s can go mach 2.5. They can outrun the missile and even slower planes could outrun it. The speed gap is too small
18-04-2004, 03:57
Captain James Tiberius Kirk,

Though the aircraft can go mach 2.5, I hardly call going .5 mach (612 kms or 380 mph) too slow of a speed differance, especialy when the missle is comming towards you and it is highly manueverable. This isn't a SAM. Its an AAM.