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Compukill. The Virtual Virus Storefront.

Possessed Bunnies
17-04-2004, 20:21
Compukill. The Virtual Virus Storefront.

Compukill is a venture of Possessed Computing Industries. Our primary service is to provide a defense for nations fighting against all computer based weapons e.g. computerized aircraft systems. Viruses will be delivered on an flash drive when money has been wired.

We can not be held responsible if our software is used for non-defense purposes.

[code:1:a2aad894f0]This worm attempts to spread through shared networks with weak passwords. It also allows attackers to access an infected computer using a predetermined IRC channel.[/code:1:a2aad894f0]
[Cost 500,000 USD for 10 single use copies]


[code:1:a2aad894f0]This virus multiplies undetected in the infected system until it overloads the systems RAM which renders the system useless.[/code:1:a2aad894f0]
[Cost 750,000 USD for 10 single use copies]


[code:1:a2aad894f0]Spy is a multi-threaded Trojan horse that opens a backdoor, runs a keylogger, and attempts to steal passwords and secure information.[/code:1:a2aad894f0]
[Cost 1,000,000 USD for 10 single use copies]


[code:1:a2aad894f0]This virus, once in a selected computers mainframe, will lie dormant until you command it to further infect the system. It will immobilize the system until you command it to stop.[/code:1:a2aad894f0]
[Cost 2,000,000 USD for 10 single use copies]


[code:1:a2aad894f0]This is a very powerful trojan virus which enters a system undetected and, over a pre determined period of time, gains you complete control and override capabilities of the system. We will only sell this virus on special request to nations who explain to us how they invasive using it and we have inspected. TG Possessed Bunnies or VORTAC for more information.[/code:1:a2aad894f0]
[Prices vary depending on envisaged use. Minimum Price 750,000,000 USD]

Any attempt to use this software against Possessed Bunnies will result in the immediate infection of your mainframe.
Possessed Bunnies
28-04-2004, 22:37
Product Relaunch.
29-04-2004, 00:30
In the black-walled, dimly lit offices of the Feline DOECO (Department of Espionage and Covert Operations), a window popped up on the screen of the director. "Good God, this is horrible." he said as he read the information. He was a skilled planner. He did a little research, and already had an operation planned out after a few minutes.

He pressed several buttons, and two agents walked in. Both were, naturally for covert operations, human. One, a male, had light blonde hair. The other, a female, had brown hair. The male was in his early twenties. The female was in her early thirties.

"Agents Roberts and Nanaf, I've selected you for this mission. Now, as you can see on your datapads," he said handing them two PDAs, "this nation has begun selling computer viruses. This is an utmost threat to our computer-dependant nation. You will pose as mercenaries, trying to buy the viruses. Infilitrate their organization, and destroy all copies. Go down to technical and get your equipment. You leave in twenty-four hours."


Twenty-four hours later, they were on a plane into the country. They contacted the programmers, seeking to purchase.
Possessed Bunnies
29-04-2004, 08:46
I was sitting in my office with the T.V on loud staring at my monitor, why was no-one ordering? We were selling some of the top viruses in the world.

Then, as it reached the end of the 10PM new bulletin on Possessed National News.

...And lastly, the terrorist organization Compukill has been found to be dealing deadly computer viruses from inside our nation. We must find them them. They are claiming to be part of the government agency Possessed Computing Industries but they are nothing to do with it...

I switched of the T.V

There onto us. We need to sell some stuff and get out of the Nation before we get caught.

Suddenly, a flashing on my monitor caught my eye.


I went over to my computer and opened the e-mail

From: A buyer <address with-held>
Subject: The Traitor
To Compukill

We would like to make contact with you as we are interested in purchasing the Traitor Virus. Please send us the number of a secure cell and we will make contact with you.

The Buyer.

I was so desperate for sales, I didn't do my usual background checks. I replied to the e-mail with the number of my cell. Good. We might even make enough from this to move out for good.

I called the boys and told them the news.
Hive Fleet Imodius
29-04-2004, 10:02
The hive wishes to purchase your best virus, we have no computer technology and so have no defence against those who would use machines to attack us. We will also offer you protection and take you under our wing as a sign of our good will, we undestand that humans are not always undertanding towards new developments and resurch.
Possessed Bunnies
29-04-2004, 10:57
Hive Fleet Imodius. We would be willing to sell you any of the viruses. They have different functions so there is no best one. Our most powerful virus is the Traitor. We would be willing to sell this to you. We are going to leave Possessed Bunnies soon and are thinking of becoming and independant nation. We must leave soon though.
Hive Fleet Imodius
30-04-2004, 00:38
The hive wishes to hive your services on a perminent basis, as such we shall protect you and allow you to form your own province within our boarders if you so wish, we will also provide funding for further resurch in return all we ask is for the technical developements that you make.
01-05-2004, 00:06
We have left the Nation of Possessed Bunnies and Hive Fleet Imodius has helped us to get set up. We will be re-launching soon.
01-05-2004, 00:11

This virus multiplies undetected in the infected system until it overloads the systems RAM which renders the system useless.

[Cost 750,000 USD for 10 single use copies]

It isn't possible to render a system useless in that manner :) A simple system reset clears ths RAM, and your virus, which is memory-resident.
01-05-2004, 01:42
Arcum Soldev grinned mockingly as he read the list of viruses. He found the rabbit's flaw most amusing; his electronic warfare division already had a functioning variation that prevented any new files from being created by taking up all space available in ROM, RAM, and any portable data storage units. He stopped at Traitor, though, and wondered what capability a virus of that cost could have. Still, it wasn't as good as some of the viruses they had made.
[code:1:de53c5e7a9]This virus opens up as many internet sites as possible that are not accessable without searching through the virus's code. It is very difficult to detect and plants a copy of itself in any system in gets into. It can enter a system by any non-preventative means other than internet access.[/code:1:de53c5e7a9]
[code:1:de53c5e7a9]This is not an actual virus, but a program disguised as a virus that makes as many copies of itself as possible, while making room for other viruses. It is very good at preventing anti-virus programs from catching more potent intruders.[/code:1:de53c5e7a9]
[code:1:de53c5e7a9]This program assimilates and copies any program it encounters, regenerating to full if deleted as long as even a tiny fraction of a percent of it remains. It is constantly evolving, deleting assimilating, copying. It has even been unleashed on small networks. WARNING: Should a nation get a hold of such a virus, do not put it on the internet.[/code:1:de53c5e7a9]
Also have viruses similiar to Spy and Rabbit. None are for sale.
02-05-2004, 22:00
Attican Empire
Yes a simple system restart would clear the RAM but the moment the system is restarted Rabbit will be restarted as a part of the start up procedure and will overload the RAM again in a matter of seconds
Ben L.
(Head Technician of VORTAC ComuIdustries Ltd and co-developer of Rabbit, Medussa and Traitor)
02-05-2004, 22:07
Or you could simply keep a totaly seperate text/pic only copy of everything on a totaly isolated system like DGNT :P.
Its not that hard when you have a sentient super-computer civilization running most of your nation ;)