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Lil miss Ship Store Opened! (Formerly the Klonor Ship Store)

Lil miss
17-04-2004, 20:04

Q:So what is this?
A:It's a place where you can buy spacecraft and space technology.
Q:So it's a storefront? Can I just say-"I'd like 300 Hecate class Destroyers *Money wired*"?
A:Abseloutely not.
Q:Why not?
A:Because there's no RPing. This game is about RPing.
Q:Alright then, how do I order?
A:Well, you sorta have to do something like this, note that this should be written out.
The ____ of ____ would like to purchase *number* *products*. *Now you describe your reason for procurement in detail, and how they will be used*.*Now describe how you want them delivered*.
*Now you end it with some kind of signature of a Department, person, whatever*
Q:Uhh... Okay. So once I buy these, I can sell them to other people right? And give them away?
A:Nope. If you ever try to redistribute these products without permission from me, I will come down on you faster than rabid squirrels on a bag of peanuts.
Q:Will you perform background checks to see whether I'm a godmodder, flamer, spammer, warmonger, idiot, and then deny my order if I am one of those?
Q:Oh, right, and what is the tech level for all of these?
A:Distant future. Think many giant uberships with laser guns and FTL
Q:How'd you make those pictures?
A:I made nothing. I got all my ships (except those specifically stated) from the computer game FreeSpace

*This FAQ designed and written (with some slight modifications by myself) by the nation of New Empire*

After serious internal debate, both over the cost of operating this store and the risk of delivering our technology into the hands of potential enemies, the nation of Lil miss has finally decided to re-open the famed Klonor Ship Store! Using the K-Deneb Shipyards, those which were used to manufacture the ships for the KSS and captured when we assumed control of the system, we shall be able to produce ships with the same quality as they were before. May peace be restored in the Galaxy through these ships!

Megingjard class Heavy Fire Destroyer

While the specs for this ship are heavily classified, the information we are able to release is quite comprehensive. This ship, while lacking Beam Cannons, Laser Turrets, Flak Guns, and every other conventional weapon, sport two (Yes, two) converted Harbinger Cannons. Due to the necessary compactness of the guns the rate of fire has been lowered from one shot every 4 seconds to one shot every 15 seconds, yet with both guns firing it can still launch eight Harbinger Warheads per minute. This ship has the ability to singlehandedly decimate entire fleets by itself.
Ammunition Capacity: 20 Harbinger Warheads
Price: 1.5 trillion

*Image designed and donated by Independant Pluto*

Arcadia class Stellar Installation

Early Klonor space stations were constructed much smaller, and were mostly used for zero-G research purposes. Later on, with advancements in space construction technologies, stations got considerably larger. When the first Arcadia-class station was commissioned, the Klonor Empire decided to redesignate it an Installation. Used for a variety of purposes, most major systems are home to at least one Installation. They typically serve as the center of trade and communications for the surrounding star system. Home to scores of smaller ships, including repair vessels, freighters, fighters, and transports, an Arcadia class Installation is always a safe haven for a convoy of attack ships returning from battle. Where the Orion is the symbol of Klonor power, the Arcadia is the shining beacon of stability.
Crew: 10,000
Passenger Capacity: 15,000
Housing Facilities: 27 Four-Star Hotels
Repair/Refueling Cpacity: Freighters to Mid-Sized Capital Ships
Armament: 20 Beam Cannons, 250 Laser Turrets, 75 Flak Guns
Fighter Capacity: 300
Price: 500 billion

Ganymede class Mobile Space Dock

The GDI Ganymede is Klonor’s newest repair and resupply facility. Ganymede installations are currently deployed behind the front lines in the Regulus, Epsilon Pegasi, and Gamma Draconis systems. Each Ganymede can service up to five warships simultaneously. Repairs of any type or degree can be made here, on any ship in the Klonor fleet. Ganymedes also provide retrofitting services, enabling Allied Command to extend the lifetime of aging ships by upgrading weaponry, systems, and engines.
Price: 600 billion

Fighter/Bomber Carrier

The Carrier, designed purely as a means of transporting and deploying smaller ships, has been vital to Klonor war efforts. Capable of holding 300 fighters it can provide enormous support for any offensive, defensive, or consolidating action. Being primarily a Carrier it is unequipped with other means of offense, thus no Beams or Laser Turrets, yet is is covered from bow to stern in the most advanced anti-fighter defenses that we have. Twenty Flak Guns and 10 Anti-Fighter Beam Cannons makes this ships nearly impervious to fighter assault. The 300 fighter docking bay is also equipped with the facilities to repair, rearm, and even build fighter ships. With newer and better improvements in the field of fighter technology we see the importance of a top-notch carrier. Thankfully, we've found one.
Fighter Capacity: 300
Price: 40 billion

*Image designed and donated by Independant Pluto*

Hecate class Destroyer

The new Hecate class of destroyers is quickly becoming the flagship of Klonor battle groups. More heavily armed than the Orion, the Hecate also carries over 150 combat spacecraft and a crew of 10,000. The GDD Aquitaine is a superb example of this new ship class, serving as the flagship of the 3rd Fleet, based in the Regulus system. Armed with 7 Beam Cannons, 32 Laser Turrets, and 9 Flak Guns, it expands upon the best parts of the Orions.
Fighter Capacity: 160
Price: 80 billion

Orion class Destroyer

The mother of all Klonor ships. Measuring a frightening 2.1 kilometers in length, these ships are our main battle cruisers, sent to quell disturbances with startling ease. In our entire history, only two Orions have been lost. Armed with 5 Beam Cannons, 24 Laser Turrets, and 6 Flak Guns, these ships can handle almost anything thrown at it. Knowing an Orion is passing through one’s home system makes the civilians feel safe, but a prolonged tour is an ominous sign. Where these ships wander, war is certain to follow.
Fighter Capacity: 48
Price: 50 billion

Achilles class Battleship

The first of a new class of ship, the Achilles is a new attempt at combat. All previous Klonor ship models, with a few exceptions, have been multi-pupose vessels. They are capable of serving as command ships, escort ships, combat vessels, even colony ships. Very rarely does a ship have only one single focus, and even rarer is that focus combat. The Achilles, however, is a purely destructive vessel. Armed with 8 Heavy Beam Cannons, 38 Laser Turrets, and 5 Tsunami Launchers this ship sports more firepower than all other currently manufactured vessels, excepting only the Colossus and the Megingjard. Unfit for anything except combat, this ship is excellent for defense of vital installations, as well as for assaults against well defended targets. In fact, this ship has such concentrated firepower that, in a wargame with the 3'rd Klonor Battle Fleet, it managed to disable it's Hecate Flagship and it's two Orion Destroyer's before finally succumbing.
Price: 725 billion

Iroquois class Battleship

The Iroquois, the second ship class to receive the Battleship designation, shall be armed with two Heavy Beam Cannons and it's Laser Turrets will number 26, even greater than that of the massive Orion class Destroyer. In addition, each Iroquois will be deployed carrying three unrestricted Harbinger Warheads, their blast range exponentially larger than the restricted version (that which is is normally deployed). Though no single man ships will be stationed aboard the Iroquois class, the sophisticated sensor arrays (stationed at 60 degrees around the entire hull) provide enough targeting data to allow the Laser Turrets to function quite well as fighter deterrents. Thus, there is no need for Flak Guns, which provides more energy and room for other systems. The Iroquois will alloy for quick and efficient deployment of the necessary firepower without the cost of deploying our massive Destroyer class ships.
Price: 40 billion

Prometheus class Interception Cruiser

A radical new idea, the Prometheus is actually a massive step backwards in weapons technology. Equipped with old style missile launchers (60 on both the starboard and port sides), auto-cannon machine guns (200 on both the starboard and port sides), and primitive Pulse Lasers (40 stationed evenly arounsd the hull), this ship actually presents a larger threat to its targeted prey than the more advanced ships do. Designed as a system patrol vessel and planetary defense platform, this ship is more suited to engageing multiple smaller vessels than vessels of larger size. The missiles, though primtive, are launched in such massive swarms that most point defense systems are overwhelmed, allowing such numbers to penetrate the defenses to cause damage equal to any of todays warheads. The auto-cannon defenses are more effective than the common Flail and Prometheus laser weapons, since most shield and armor systems are designed for defense against laser based weaponry. Physical damage is usually only given an afterthought, so a defense system composed primarily of physical weapons is more likely to penetrate said defenses. However, for those ships that are perfectly capable of physical defense, the Pulse Lasers are distributed evenly throughout the entire hull of the ship so any capital ships that enters in close range will be vulnerable to a laser based attack. This ship is excellent for anti-pirate missions, and it is well qualified for support of larger ships in planetary defense.
Fighter Capacity: 6
Price: 30 billion

Deimos class Corvette

Deimos-class corvettes are the newest addition to the Klonor fleet. These sleek, ultra-modern warships are the products of a new era of ship design, maximizing maneuverability and firepower. Their hulls are strengthened with collapsed-core molybdenum sheathing for better protection against beam fire, and their Jimathon-designed reactor core provides more energy per ton than any other Klonor ship class. As older ships are slowly phased out these corvettes will become the foundation of the Klonor fleet.
Price: 30 billion

Mercury class Corvette

The Mercury is the latest in a Klonor attempt to construct a ship with formidable firepower as well as the ability to respond instantly to important situations. With 20 Laser Turrets and 10 Anti-fighter Beam Cannons it has the ability to duke it out with larger Destroyers and Cruisers, as well as being amply defended against massed fighter attacks. Due to it's compact size it is extremely maneuverable and capable of faster acceleration than any other Corvette in the fleet. It has taken over as the fast reponse units and is slowly replacing the Deimos and Dreadnought class Corvettes on the front lines.
Price: 35 billion

*Image designed and donated by Independant Pluto*

Aeolus class Cruiser

The GDC Aeolus is the first cruiser class ever produced by the RNI shipyards orbiting Deneb II. Only two dozen of these cruisers were put into service in Klonor fleets, with production ending in 2365. Klonor Command assigns Aeolus-class ships primarily to guard slow-moving convoys against fighter and bomber wings, as these cruisers are severely out-gunned by most capital ships in service today. Their flak and AAA turrets serve as marvelous deterrents to smaller craft, however. With recent breakthroughs in fighter technology the Aeolus cruiser have taken on a whole new importance in the fleet.
Price: 25 billion

Fenris class Cruiser

Originally designed as a Strike Cruiser, this ship is both fast and maneuverable (for a capital ship). The mainstay of the Klonor fleet, it measures 260 meters from nose to tail and has a hull strong enough to withstand the most powerful enemy warheads. It was later decided that a second line of cruisers, designed for defense, would be produced with stronger weapons, though less speed. The standard Fenris Strike Sruiser is armed with 2 Beam Cannons and 10 Laser Turrets. Both versions are currently in production and active use, but they are slowly being phased out for the Deimos corvettes.
Fighter Capacity: 4
Price: 15 billion

Leviathon class Heavy Cruiser

Based on the same design as the Fenris, the Leviathon plays a much different role. Designed as more of a Heavy Cruiser, the Leviathan has much stronger weapons, hull, and countermeasures. Sacrificing much in the way of speed, it is mainly used in defense and major battle areas, where it is not needed to dart in and out in minutes. 100 meters longer than the Fenris, it sports two Beam Cannons, one Heavy Beam Cannon, and 13 Laser Turrets. This ship is the workhorse of the Klonor fleet.
Fighter Capacity: 10
Price: 20 billion

NSO-929 Dreadnought class Corvette

The NSO-929 is now the most successful medium-sized military vessel in active service. Despite the age of the design, and competition from both larger and faster ships, the modest operating cost and high reliability of the '929 mean that there are now some 194 vessels in active service. Armed with two Particle Beam Cannons (PBCs), mounted on the port and starboard weapons pylons, and two missle magazines, again on the port and starboard pylons, it can handle almost anything thrown at it. Defended by two standard Displacement shields it has the ability to take a beating, then blow the hell out of you. Crewed by a crew of 45 (with the ability of carrying up to 4 more) it can bring Cruiser class power to bear upon enemies, with minimal cost or risk. As an added bonus the bridge is capable of detatchment and independant flight, as well as the ability to dock with different Dreadnoughts and control them.
Price: 20 billion

Odin class Anti-Fighter/Command Ship

Designed as the latest in high tech anti-fighter defense and fleet control, the Odin has enough firepower to thwart any except the largest fighter assaults. Armed with 8 GTW-7 Banshee's, 32 GTW-15 Avenger's, 48 GTW-41 Disruptor Cannon's, and 72 GTM-4 Hornet Missile Launchers this ship can combat both fighter threats and, if in necessary circumstances, most small to medium sized capital ships. Equipped with a full range of communication systems and battle analysis computers it can be used as a complete command center for almost any fleet action. Excllent for the defense and control of a contested stellar system.
Price: 40 billion

*Image designed and donated by Independant Pluto*

Volition class Pirate Ship

Designed by a somewhat inebriated ship designer at Triton Dynamics the Volition is actually an excellent anti-fighter ship. Armed with 2 Laser Turrets and 20 Flak Guns it is the best defense against fighters and bombers currently in the fleet. Although it needs a massive capital ship escort it's ability to single handedly defend large convoys and stations against massive fighter attacks makes it well worth the cost.
Price: 25 billion

Poseidon Military Freighter

The Poseidon was designed for military purposes, and is easily the strongest freighter craft in the fleet. Its fast speed and good maneuvering are offset by its weak hull. It does have enough turrets to defend itself if attacked, but not for long. It's best to let this freighter help you out with it's 5 Laser Cannons while you take the hits on your own shield, rather than risking the destruction of this ship.
Price: 5 billion

Triton Military Freighter

The GDFr Triton hauls almost twice the tonnage of the Poseidon-class freighters that have served Klonor since the Great War. The ability to distribute supplies and munitions is a strategic imperative in any theater of operations. With the Triton, battle groups can keep their forces well-equipped and well-armed, even if warships are dispersed over multiple systems. The Triton not only has the ability to dock with and haul TAC units, but it also has an internal cargo bay for ship-to-ship transfers. The Klonor Empire expects the Triton to reduce its reliance on deep-space depots, which are vulnerable to attack, piracy, and sabotage.
Price: 9 billion

Chronos class Freighter

The massive Chronos was not designed for military use. A civilian design, it's slow, barely maneuverable, and can barely defend itself with it's single two-cannon turret. It is, however, one of the only Klonor freighters capable of transporting the largest TAC-class cargo containers. It's far weaker in all respects than the smaller military-design Poseidon freighter, but its relatively strong hull and cargo capacity have turned this into a popular supply convoy craft on the front lines.
Price: 3 billion

Elysium class Transport

Since the start of space colonization, the standard transport has been used by everyone, civilian and military. While it has undergone minor changes time and time again, it remains a simple design: A vehicle meant to transport personnel from one place to another. Even though Elysiums are armored, they can't take massive amounts of abuse. Excellent for troop dropships or for the personal transport of high level diplomats. An excelletnt overall ship.
Price: 50 million

Hippocrates class Medical Frigate

Klonor scientists developed the GDM Hippocrates early in the post-war Reconstruction. The urgent need for mobile medical units that could respond to humanitarian crises across multiple systems prompted the Empire to commission a new class of hospital ship. With the outbreak of the NTF insurgency, Fleet Command has once again called the Hippocrates into active military service. Its on-board facilities provide state-of-the-art medical care to thousands of patients and help transport refugees out of contested systems into the safety of Allied-controlled regions. The unusual design of the Hippocrates enables its crew to isolate sections of the ship quickly in the event of quarantine or hull breach.
Price: 30 billion

Faustus class Research Vessel

The Faustus Science Vessel was, and still is, primarily a civilian craft. However, in the 14 years since the Great War war began, more and more of these have been commissioned by the Klonor Empire in order to pursue military research. Unfortunately, its obvious value, poor fighting capabilities, and lack of speed make it a prime target for enemy ships. As a result, you will rarely find many of these ships near the front lines of battle. Equipped with three fully stocked labs, experimentation chambers, and the latest in development technology the Faustus provides you with a very capable mobile research and development center.
Price: 35 billion

Charybdis class Sensor Ship

Ships of the GDA Charybdis class have been packed with the latest tachyon-enabled AWACS equipment from GDI labs. Each Klonor battle group has a squadron of Charybdis-class ships assigned to it. These ships double the range of the group’s standard detection arrays. Charybdis ships are found at the center of a battle group, as their thin armor, weak offensive capability, and poor maneuverability make them easy victims for enemy bombers. They have proven indispensable, however, in forays into the nebula beyond the Knossos portal. Without the aid of AWACS, battle groups would be flying blind within the EM disturbances of the nebula. Charybdis-class ships are very vulnerable in this environment, as witnessed by the recent loss of the GDA Panopticon from the 3rd Battle Group.
Price: 30 billion

Hygeia class Support Ship

The GDS Hygeia is the fleet’s newest Klonor support ship. It is fast and maneuverable, a necessity when trying to dock with fighters in the heat of battle. Triton Dynamics designed the Hygeia class with huge cargo bays for munitions storage, plus the latest magnetic-stasis delivery system for quickly re-supplying combat craft with missiles and bombs. The Hygeia’s repair facilities are driven by neural-net AI, for ultra-fast system diagnostics and repair. The high number of warheads carried by the Hygeia makes it a dangerous ship to be near when it blows up.
Price: 250 million

Mjolnir Remote Beam Cannon

The Mjolnir Remote Beam Cannon is the most advanced sentry gun device known. Vastly tougher and deadlier than the earlier Watchdog, Cerberus, and Alastor models, the Mjolnir is a danger to any hostile fighter or bomber that comes within range. Its two light beam weapons and three missile banks enable it to take on multiple bogeys simultaneously. They are used to help protect the most vital front-line Klonor installations.
Price: 10 billion

GTM-N1 Harbinger Bomb

Fusion bomb surrounded by 3 salted fission bombs; propulsion unit is a half-size version of a regulation Klonor fighter thruster (Class II); given the weight of the payloads, the missile is slow despite the power of the thruster; as the Harbinger is exceptionally large, Klonor fighters and bombers are limited to carrying 2 of these weapons at any given time; the resultant shock wave from this weapon is potentially deadly, due to the size of the payloads (5000 Mt in total); use near allied installations or allied ship groupings is strongly discouraged by the associates of Klonor; most effective when used in preemptive defensive strike against non-military installations.
Price: 5 billion

J'Adorien Class Destroyer

Not designed by the Klonor Empire, these ships were purchased from Vulcanus, then gradually integrated into our fleet. The J'Adorien was designed primarily as an escort/defence ship to larger vessels and space-stations. The J'Adorien has been fully tested, and there shouldn't be any glitches in the design. Due to the fact that the newer version, K'Ri Dee Class Adv. Destr., is much more effective as an capital ship, the J'Adorien never really came in to further use. Still, The J'Adorien is a quite good escort and capital ship for newer space age nations. It sports an amrament of 4 Heavy Particle/Lasers, 4 Heavy Ion Cannons, 12 Particle/Lasers, and 12 Pulse Cannons. A grand addition to the Klonor fleet, and we thank the Vulcans for it.
Price: 20 billion

All Klonor ships use Sub-Space for faster than light speeds reaching 1 light-year per minute. For travel between systems without Jump-Node connectivity they use an independant Gravity/Time distorter to reach speeds of 1 light-year per hour. All Klonor capital ships and freighters are equipped with inter-system sub-space drives, however, fighter sized craft are only equipped with intra-system sub-space drives.

Two recent developments, the ergometer and the massometer, are currently being installed upon all Klonor vessels. The massometer, detecting the gravitic effects caused by any sizeable object, is excellent for use in the detection of cloaked vessels. The ergometer, which recognizes and analyzes the power generated by FTL drives, is useful for the determination of the relative location of an FTL capable cloaked ship. These shall be included in all sales of ships cruiser class and above, and can be added to ships of lower size by special request. Any already sold vessels can be refitted with the new technology for a small fee.


National Missle Defense System

100 Modified Mjolnir Remote Beam Cannons

Total: 500 billion

Save over 500 billion. The Mjolnirs RBC's are stationed in orbit above the boundries of your nation. Using specifically modified sensors they scan for any incoming missle (the nation in posession of the RBC's may enter whichever types of missles they want scanned for) and, using modified Beam Cannons designed to work in atmosphere, eliminate the threat. An excellent defensive weapon for any Earth based future-tech nation.
17-04-2004, 20:15
ooc: Whatever happened to Klonor? I hear he got destroyed or reduced or something... considering he had the ultra-large Galactic alliance at his command, however, that does not seem likely.
Capsule Corporation
17-04-2004, 20:15
*fixes your banner pic*

Welcome! (
Lil miss
17-04-2004, 22:44
What the hell? Why aren't some of the pictures appearing? The Megingjard, Achilles, and the Odin aren't appearing, even though if you copy and paste the URL into the address bar it shows the picture. Can anybody explain this?
The Resi Corporation
17-04-2004, 23:15
What the hell? Why aren't some of the pictures appearing? The Megingjard, Achilles, and the Odin aren't appearing, even though if you copy and paste the URL into the address bar it shows the picture. Can anybody explain this?I noticed that with my store, too. It turns out that due to some coding change or something, pictures will only appear if their URL ends with ".gif" or ".jpg". There's still a way to use your pictures hosted on Invisionfree, though. Go to the thread you posted them in, and instead of clicking the picture to get its full view, right-click on the thumbnail of the picture and go to properties. Copy the URL from there and paste it in the Image URL feild, and NS will display the full-sized image. I had to figure all this out the hard way.
Lil miss
18-04-2004, 02:24
Well, that explains a lot. Thanks so much Resi
Lil miss
18-04-2004, 03:15
BUMP for orders. Come on, this place used to be a hit!
Underwater Asylum
18-04-2004, 03:22
We wish t purchase one Ganymede class space dock. Please place it in orbit around UA prime, just out of Pluto's gravitational pull. However, we have several orbital installations already present so please ensure it is placed in a different trajectory. It will be used as a refuel/refit post to supplement our own. Money will be wired upon confirmation.
Lil miss
18-04-2004, 03:30
We have received your order of 1 Ganymede class Mobile Dock and have confirmed your ability to pay. The Dock shall be placed in orbit above the requested planet, and out of danger from other satellites.

Have a nice day!
Zircon Station
18-04-2004, 03:37
Money has been wired.
Lil miss
18-04-2004, 03:42
Uh, who are you?
Zircon Station
18-04-2004, 03:44
Oh. I accidentally logged in as wrong nation. I'm an Underwater Asylum puppet.
Lil miss
18-04-2004, 03:45
Sorry, but I'll need you to post as Underwater Asylum to make sure you're not some person who's not Underwater Asylum but is trying to impersonate him.
Underwater Asylum
18-04-2004, 03:50
Zircon is one of my puppets. Money has been wired.
Lil miss
18-04-2004, 03:52
Okay, just needed to be sure.
Lil miss
18-04-2004, 23:02
BUMP again. How come Klonor never had any business gaps like this?
19-04-2004, 02:01
:twisted: This just proves once and for all, my store was the best ever! Kicks the crap out of your pathetic wannabe store! :twisted:
19-04-2004, 02:01
double post
19-04-2004, 02:34
3 each of:
Mjolnir Remote Beam Cannons
J'Adorien Class Destroyers

and 5 of:
Prometheus class Interception Cruisers.

Pricey......but im trying to build up a space fleet and these are good ships.

Money Wired!
The Resi Corporation
19-04-2004, 05:09
BUMP again. How come Klonor never had any business gaps like this?Brand-name recognition? :P
19-04-2004, 20:27
Hey Lil, I had a friend of mine render the Achilles again from a different view (as well as just making the one we already use easier to see). Do you want to use them here?

The easier to see current view:

The Different view:
19-04-2004, 23:27
20-04-2004, 00:22
Hmm.. if the person that rendered the ship took all the time to design it, should he not have bothered to design turrets for those.. um.. guns?.. :)

On other matter, congratulations to Lil Miss on the seizure of Klonor Yards Asset.. :twisted:
Possessed Bunnies
21-04-2004, 19:22
Dr. Possessed, Head of the New Possessed Bunnies Military would like to purchase 1 Prometheus class Interception Cruiser and 1 Leviathon class Heavy Cruiser, to be the lead ships in two of our fleets.

Money wired on conformation of order.

Dr. Possessed, Head of the new Possessed Army.
Clone of Dr. Possessed, Leader of the nation.
Underwater Asylum
23-04-2004, 07:59
We are interested in purchasing an Arcadia Class Stellar Instellation. We require it in orbit around UA Prime as per the Ganymede. It shall be serving as a defence platform and as a general station. Money will be wired upon confirmation.
Lil miss
24-04-2004, 16:34
Sorry for the slow delay, I've been offline for a bit.

All orders are confirmed (Sorry, don't have enough time to write out a full post). The requested products shall be delivered to the specified locations.

Klonor, the pictures don't work. Problems with the hoster?
07-05-2004, 04:30
Is this store still open? Anyway...

Secret IC: The Naval Intelligence Bureau of the People's Navy requires one Chronos freighter for it's uses. Preferably one that is somewhat banged up and looks a bit old and worn down. Don't take this to mean we want a lemon, just something that looks like one. The required $3 billion USD will be transferred to the appropriate bank accounts once the order is confirmed and a delivery time is set.

~ Secretary Palmer Stevens
Lil miss
07-05-2004, 04:43
Yup, this stores open (Damn Klonor. Constantly nagging)

Secret IC: I believe I have exactly what you're looking for. It's a left over from the Regulusan Civil War, heavily damaged but still in working condition. We've been using it to ferry MiniStar cores to and from the inhabited Denebian planets.

John Kees
Director of Diplomatic Sales
07-05-2004, 04:58
The ship will be acceptable.
03-06-2004, 10:20
i will buy 50 trillion credits worth of mjolnirs
13-06-2004, 12:19
i wish to buy 4 orions 2 hectes 1 meginard and 2 achilles with hercules mark 2 fighters money will be wired on confirmation
Central Facehuggeria
13-06-2004, 15:58
Lil Miss is gone. He decided to stop RPing. You'll have to wait until Klonor's empire reforms and he reopens the KSS.

Also, Ekardia: You will most likely be denied due to the fact that you're a shivan nation.
14-06-2004, 03:50
i havent took any action against klonor hes known i am a shivan nation for rl months and i gave him the nexus why would he deny me mjolnirs